STORM TRACK: July 31, 1986 (Volume 9 Issue 5)

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Storm chasing has received a lot of media attention over the last few months. Several TV programs have aired recently including the hour long special on public TV's NOVA series, and a half hour prime time spot on 20/20. WEATHERWISE, a magazine about the weather, featured an article in the June issue by ST subscriber Mike Clary on Chasing Tornadoes. You can subscribe to the magazine by writing to Heldref Publications, 4000 Albemarle St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20016. The subscription is currently $20/yr.

Mr. Dan Chaffee is an artist who paints tornado and lightning scenes. His works were on exhibit June 6-29 at the Kansas City Artists Coalition Gallery. Mr. Chaffees' works are quite vivid and colorful, the kind of tornadoes you'd love to photograph. For more information, write to the gallery at 1801 West 39th St., Kansas City, Missouri, 64111.

The annual STORM CHASERS PARTY was held this year at Chuck Robertsons house in Norman, Oklahoma on May 25, 1986. Over a dozen chasers gathered to relive the excitement and show others their slides and videos... and videos... and videos. Films of tornadoes were shown all afternoon and evening. So many tornadoes, in fact, it was mesmerizing. Gene Moore showed his Ripleys believe it or not film of the worlds longest horizontal funnel. Erik Rasmussen displayed his catch of the May 10, 1985, tornadic supercell. Jim Leonard showed video of baseball hail pounding his car, shattering the windshield, and being surrounded by a blinding barrage of cloud-to-ground lightning bolts.