View Full Version : Interesting Weather Stories

Michael O'Keeffe
05-26-2007, 12:34 PM
In the summer once the "real" severe weather winds down and the summer heats up I always like to look forward to the summertime thunderstorms. I have seen some very cool things during this time. I'm interested if anybody as cool stories about the summer storms around them.

In August of 2005 I think it was I was swimming in my pool and the sky darkened. I didn't think anything of it intil I looked up and saw a massive tower exploding above me. It went up so fast I had no idea there even was anything. Then a very close lightning strike scares the s*** out of me. I run inside and grab my video camera. The lightning is absolutely crazy. I am home alone here too. I'm filming the lightning strike all around my house and a strike made the TV static and make a loud noise. It was freaking scary. I was getting nervous at this point as the lightning was going everywhere. It was like a scene from War of the Worlds! I mean it had no rain just one tower and just kept dropping lightning for about 10 minutes.

Another was when I was younger back in Wichita. My friend and I were outside playing around just being kids and it was hot maybe in the mid-90s and it was around noontime. My friend and I see a large green core and start to hear thunder. At first we are like cool and we start looking at it. Then my mom comes running outside saying "Michael...get in here there's a tornado warning!!" and sure enough the tornado sirens starting blaring. I couldnt help not seeing this. So my mom, friend, and I along with my two sisters stand in the garage as a barage of hail comes pouring down the hail wasn't that big maybe quarter, but fell really fast. The lightning was quite loud and close. I stood in awe as the storm slowly moved away. Just one of the hundreds of weather stories that got my passion running.