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Thread: Black Friday Laptops

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    Default Black Friday Laptops

    I am considering buying a laptop on black friday to use this spring for chasing. I already have a separate macbook that i will use for most of my computer needs. But i want one to keep in the car that will probably solely run radar software on. The problem is that i am fairly computer illiterate, especially for a 17 year old. I was just wondering if anybody on here had some advice as to what i should be looking for.

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    Just a thought....

    My wifes Dell Inspiron 6000 (6 years old) runs GR3 just fine, and I just saw a LOT of them for sale used on Ebay for under $100. I don't know if it has enough horsepower to run the streaming software and all the other stuff, but my point was maybe you could consider an outdated (and CHEAP) laptop to take chasing.

    Good luck!
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    Not sure how much you want to spend but, has some great deals today. I just picked up a 15" Acer for a great price....

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    I agree about getting laptops from ebay or garage sales.
    I would not waste more than $150 to $200 on a laptop that might will go waste in a chase.
    take a look at this pic on facebook.
    wonder if that laptop still works?
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