Mike Mezeul II, a 26 year-old photojournalism graduate student from The University of North Texas looks to stand a top the world. Hes looking to document not only what it takes one human being to reach 90N but also the effects of global warming upon the Arctic Circle, but he cant get there without your vote.

Quark Expeditions is giving away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, an expedition to the North Pole aboard 50 Years of Victory, the largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in existence. Competitors have until February 15, 2011, to gain as many votes as possible and remain in the top five. After the top five contestants are finalized, a panel of judges will choose who they feel is best qualified for the trip.

Mezeul is currently campaigning throughout the DFW Metroplex and is at the moment, ranked 2nd in the world in votes with almost 900. Competing against competitors from the United States, Sweden, Portugal and more, he looks to gain support from the Metorplex. Mezeul has been active in getting anyone and everyone involved in voting. From handing out flyers across campus to newspaper interviews to even dressing up in a reindeer mascot costume (with an elf friend) and holding a sign that reads "Send Us Home www.freezingmike.com," he looks to gain a 1st place spot.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and his Quark blog, you will feel as if you were right there with him, except much, much warmer.

If you would like to help Mike out, here is how to vote and a few tips as well:

1. Visit: www.freezingmike.com
2. Simply follow the directions (it takes no more than one minute) to vote
3. You can cast numerous votes with multiple emails
4. The final step is to please share this information with all your friends and family.

Thank you all for your support, this competition means the world to me and I won't let you down.