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Thread: NEW TR-FI from Sprint

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    Default NEW TR-FI from Sprint

    Here is the new Device from Sprint

    It will incorporate Sprint's soon to be released 1900 mhz LTE along with Clear 2500 mhz 4G wimax offerings in one device. Trying to find out if besides 1900 and 2500 will it be covering the 800 mhz Iden frequencies that Sprint plans to convert over to CDMA usage when they shutter their Nextel brand. Guess what if it does . That will mean another amplifier . Getting very hard to keep up but we are trying
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    Interesting article Gordon, the only thing I find as a let down is their top tier data plan. They want $79.99 / month but then cap it at 12 GB. I guess this is the trend all wireless carriers are moving towards, but it would be nice to have unlimited 3G/4G/LTE like smart phones are on the current Sprint 4G data plans. That statement about having LTE in most places where its current 3G networks are available by the end of 2013 sounds like a pipe dream to me. I'm a Sprint customer, so I don't mean to sound negative, but that rollout schedule is way too aggressive and they're setting themselves up for failure on meeting those deadlines.

    Other than that it sounds like an interesting device and that you will have your work cut out for you as far as keeping up with developing amps to cover all of these frequencies these carriers are utilizing.

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