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    Mike Sharp

    Default RRS feeds

    If there is already something posted on this subject can you point me to the links.
    I have just set up a feed reader to my PC and have already put the hurricane feeds in. Are there any other weather feeds that people can recomend.
    What I am looking for are links to severe weather anywhere in the world so that I can do some armchair chasing.

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    This thread ( asked about storm chaser's blogs using RSS, but didn't get an overwhelming response. I imagine that a lot of bloggers have the capability (it's built-in to most decent blogging services/software) but that they don't know what it is or what it's about.

    NOAA seems to be figuring out how valuable RSS can be:
    This shows other NOAA feeds that may be of interest to you and describes how one can make RSS feeds from Yahoo on any topic of interest to you:

    If you suspect a site might have RSS feeds, you can try Googling:
    (for example, to see if that specific site has the term anywhere)

    I think we'll see more and more of this as people recognize its usefulness.

    Darren Addy
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    Mike Sharp


    Cheers Darren,
    As I mentioned I know of the NHC ones. I will look at the others later,have got to go and take the wife shopping now. :

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