May 7, 1997 Chase Photos

The following are actually Sony VX-3 video clips from the 5/7/97 chase with myself and Gene Rhoden. If these photos appear grainy to you, you will need to check the display video depth (color settings) on your computer and increase them above 256 colors (8 bits), then restart your system. -Tim Vasquez

1624 CDT, 10W of Hollis, OK, looking W. Cumulus towers build as winds slowly back to a southeasterly direction. Much of this cumulus development was swept southward during the late afternoon by a small-scale feature seen on visible satellite photos.

1908 CDT, McLean, TX, looking W. An anvil spreads overhead from the Dumas TX storm.

1936 CDT, Lefors, TX, looking WSW. We emerge from the edge of the rain curtain to see this wall cloud several miles away.

1941 CDT, Lefors, TX, looking N. Looking into the mesocyclone, we can see the rain free base and helical inflow bands overhead.

1953 CDT, Lefors, TX, looking NW. A new mesocyclone takes shape to the northwest, displaying dramatic visual features.

2001 CDT, 10 mi S of Lefors, TX, looking NE. The forward flank downdraft of the HP supercell storm looms to the northeast, flanked by laminar inflow bands.

All photos (c) Copyright 1997 Tim Vasquez. Reproduction for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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