APRIL 20, 1997

Carson Ead, Bruce Haynie and Tim Marshall

Meeting Carson and Bruce in Denton later this afternoon. We had lunch at the Denny's. It is the beginning of chase week.. There is NW flow aloft. Cold front has passed through central Oklahoma and extends down to SPS. There is a dry line which intersects the cold front near ABI. Surface low is in south-central KS. There is a T-Box out for Kansas already. Negatives are lack of abundant surface moisture -which has kept the skies clear all day, lack of surface winds -light and variable, and a strong cap. Target is the Denton area. Left my vehicle at the Denny's and drove with Bruce Haynie in his vehicle.

1:30 150 FLOWER MOUND - Leaving for Denton to meet Carson and Bruce at 2pm.

5:45 167 DENTON- Cb W. Vertical updraft. Line of towers behind it. I-35 N.

5:53 170 SANGER- FM 455 W. Cb with two glaciating towers W. The northern Cb has a pretty good looking anvil, scalloped, not too mushy. Main storm towers are now merging and we should get one large updraft out of the whole thing.

6:00 175 BOLIVAR- Southern flank is due west of us right now. Clear sky elsewhere.

(Severe Thunderstorm Watch for north Texas is issued 90 E/W 30 SSW SEP 55NNE DUR)

6:10 186 Jct. 51. Another Cb complex distant N. Our storm has linear base with flank extending southwest. Tiny rain shaft. Lots of anvils (multi-cell) W.

6:15 189 Stopped on FM 455 just three miles west of Rt. 51. 1 vertical shot N, and 1 vertical shot W.

Switched into Carsons vehicle. (39 miles)

6:15 764 (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for western Montague Co.) That's our storm.

Storm is moving east at 25, this is a dangerous storm.

7:02 764 Leaving film site. Heading east on FM 455.

7:06 767 Jct. 51 SW. Cb distant SW with overshoot that is collapsing.

7:24 783 DECATUR- Stopped on west side of town on hill behind McDonalds.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Wise Co.)

7:43 783 Took 3 picts. Sun behind rain curtain. Backward C updraft. Cg's begin.

7:48 783 Windshift out of NW.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Denton Co.) More Cg's.

7:49 783 Rain core is getting bigger and bigger.

7:52 784 DECATUR- Leaving town. Shelf cloud has passed. Rt. 287 SE. Severe thunderstorm on our butt. Rain shaft has increased. Cloud bands are nice looking. Tornado Warning for Lampasas county continues to our south. I can see a Cb with overshooting top there. I also heard about tornadoes in southwestern Missouri. (Golfball-size hail in Paradise)

800 RHOME- Stopped for a while at Jct. with 114.

8:15 800 Leaving. Storm is heading for Tarrant Co.

(Severe thunderstorm warning for Tarrant Co., Palo Pinto, Parker.)

8:31 819 Jct 287/I35W - (1 inch hail at Azle) Stopped in north Fort Worth. Watched storm approach. Got nice views of storm on KXAS-TV radar.

9:20 Leaving Fort Worth, heading home.

9:57 859 FLOWER MOUND- 8.5 hours, 134 miles, TRW+ Summary: Good forecast.