MAY 6, 1997

Tim Marshall only

12:30 714 FLOWER MOUND - Very marginal day today. A stationary front extends east-west across the Texas panhandle between Amarillo and Lubbock. Dewpoint pooling is occurring from Dallas to Childress. Childress has 60 degree dewpoint and east winds. Winds are SW at Tucumcari. Weak wind field at the surface. Lack of a focal point. No surface low, no dry line/front intersection. NW winds aloft with 50knots at 150mb. Target today is Childress. Clear skies in Dallas, widely scattered strato-cu, hazy.

12:45 731 Rt. 380 W.

1:09 757 DECATUR- Rt. 287 NW. SE winds at 10. Scattered strato-cu.

2:12 830 WICHITA FALLS - Broken strato-cu. Patchy CI. SE winds 15. 82/62 SE 17g 25 is the 2pm SPS observation.

2:43 866 Scattered strato-cu. Thins out to nothing to the west. Dense CI distant W. These could be anvils W and NW.

2:50 875 W CI looks like an anvil.

2:55 880 VERNON- Few Cu. SE 15.

3:03 890 Mid-level virga, ACCAS patches W. No Cb.

3:44 937 CHILDRESS - Will set up DSS dish. SE 10.

4:14 940 CHILDRESS- T Box for the OK panhandle. Chasers passed me by SWIRL license plate.

5:04 996 CLARENDON - Scattered Cu, Cu is flat. CI W.

5:30 025 CLAUDE- (T-BOX 80N/S 50SW CLAYTON -55 SE DDC) SE 10-15. Patchy CI. Dense CI distant N-NW-W. Building cu in Palo Duro Canyon.

6:00 046 AMARILLO - Stopped for gas.

6:43 052 AMARILLO - Anvils SW.

6:46 055 I-27S. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning - At 6:55pm, Cluster of storms 20 W of Hereford moving NE at 30)

6:57 068 CANYON- Rain core SW.

6:59 070 Rt. 60 SW - (Severe Thunderstorm Warning- Cimmaron Co.) Cg's W.

7:10 083 Large mammatus overhead. Dark SW. Towers distant NW.

087 Stopped briefly at side of road.

7:23 087 Leaving stopped location.

7:28 UMBARGER - FM 168 N. There is a north split moving NE.

7:40 095.3 Passing FM 1062. Stopped just north of intersection. Took video.

7:47 096.9 Heading east on FM 1062.

7:54 102.5 Rt. 60 NE

7:58 106 CANYON - Rt. 27 N. Strong SE winds. (Severe Thunderstorm at Stratford moving SE at 20, that's right SE.) (Tornado Warning northern Hansford. At 8:12pm a possible tornado was indicated SW of Guymon moving SE) Nickel size hail N and 3/4 inch hail W part of Amarillo at 8:15pm. (Tornado Warning. Possible tornado near Stratford moving SE at 20)

8:29 131 AMARILLO - Beautiful backsheared anvil on storm NW. I-40 W. Things came together late. Vertical tower. (Tornado Warning for northern Moore moving SE at 20.)

(SVR TSTM WRNG in effect until 9pm for Texas Co.

(SVR TSTM WRNG in effect until 9:15pm for Sherman and Hansford Co.

(TORNADO WRNG in effect until 9pm for Hansford Co.

(TORNADO WRNG in effect until 9pm for Texas Co.

(TORNADO WRNG in effect until 9:15pm for Sherman Co.

(TORNADO WRNG in effect until 9:30pm for northern Moore Co.


Holy cow. They are going bonkers. New Tornado Box till 3pm Stopped at Bushland to watch distant Cb's

8:56 151.8 BUSHLAND - Getting dark. Going home. LTG increasing S. Numerous tornado warnings.

9:08 165.3 AMARILLO - I40E and junction with I-27.

9:30 192.5 CLAUDE - (Severe thunderstorm warning GRAY Co. -Allenreed)

9:34 196 Storm NE has wall cloud with tail lit by lightning. HP type.

9:41 Supercell NE with inflow tail, spiral bands, mammatus. Rotating updraft.

(Severe Thunderstorm warning for Swisher Co.)

Storm N is shrinking.

9:57 223 LP Supercells N and S. Lots of strong winds blowing dust from SE. Aqua blue frequent lightning over dust. Incredible.

10:20 248 MEMPHIS - Heavy rain. Power is out in town.

10:49 279 CHILDRESS- Lots of lightning NW.

11:28 288 Stopped to take incredible Cg shots east of Childress.

11:47 309 QUANAH- Still raining. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Hardeman Co. At 12:01am a severe storm was near Acme moving E at 20mph) (Severe Thunderstorm Watch 25 NNW PVW-45SGAG 100E/W)

12:57 389 WICHITA FALLS -

2:00 463 DECATUR-

2:22 DENTON - I35S.

2:40 506 FLOWER MOUND -

Summary: Should have had an earlier start from Dallas and turned north at Amarillo to Stratford. Still you wouldn't have seen much along the front. This show was late getting together due to the late arrival of the vort max.