MAY 7, 1997

Tim Marshall only

I should have stayed in Childress yesterday. Looks like the Texas panhandle is going to be active again, I feel the situation is marginal like yesterday. The problem is that there really is not a focal point for convection. SPC is saying the dry line should move out into west Texas. 15z goes to moderate risk for the eastern Texas panhandle.

1:00 568 FLOWER MOUND- Low clouds, drizzle.

1:18 586 Rt. 380 E.

1:29 597 Breaks in the low clouds. S winds 15.

1:42 611 DECATUR - Cleared out of the low clouds except broken cirrus. Rt. 287 NW

1:51 622 Met Al and Sam by golly heading up 287.

		WICHITA FALLS - 78/66 67% S 21g26  29.92.  
		LAWTON-80/68 67% S 15 29.91

At 2pm -A cluster of thunderstorms was located southeast of Stillwater and an isolated storm was located east of Woodward moving to the east.

OTO- There is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms over portions of western Oklahoma and western north Texas late this afternoon and tonight. The area is generally west of a line extending from Alva, Fredrick to Seymour, Tx. The primary threat will be very large hail and damaging winds. An area of low pressure is expected to develop over the central Texas panhandle this afternoon. As this low develops, a warm front is expected to take shape over northwest Texas. The area near the intersection of the forecasted low and warm front will be a favorable location for rapid thunderstorm intensification this afternoon and this evening. In addition to these features, a cold front will move into the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles by late afternoon. Convergence along and ahead of the front will also be a favorable location for thunderstorm development. Due to the abundant low level moisture, and high instability, storms that do develop over the moderate and slight risk areas, are expected to become severe. The primary threat will be large hail and damaging wind. The forecasted wind profiles over the area do favor the development of supercell thunderstorms. Very large hail and isolated tornadoes will be possible mainly over the moderate risk area.

2:38 683 WICHITA FALLS - Low clouds are back with BINOVC. Broken CI above.

3:28 732 VERNON - Broken strato-cu, broken CI in patches. S winds at 20-25.

3:52 761 QUANAH- Mushy Cb NW. S winds 20-25.

4:05 775 (Tornado Watch issued for the Texas panhandle HUT-CDS) Breaking out of the cirrus overcast. Blue sky west. Mushy Cb distant S.

4:18 791 Scattered strato-cu. CI is overcast only through the eastern half of the sky.

4:36 CHILDRESS- Stopped for gas. Met Dr. Davies-Jones at the next pump.

5:03 822 MEMPHIS - Stopped for dinner at the Dairy Queen with Sam, Al and Martin. We are sitting at the edge of the deep moisture. Broken strato-cu east.

5:29 824 Leaving Memphis. Rt. 287 NW. I talked to Kay and she said there was an isolated supercell east of Woodward. CI oriented NE-SW. Small build-ups NW.

5:36 832 First turkey tower.

5:39 836 HEDLEY - Three towers NW. Another tower distant N.

Stopped - Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Hartley Co. Nickel size hail.

Set up dish. Calm winds 59 dewpoint in Amarillo.

6:00 840 HEDLEY- Second Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for Hartley Co. Also, Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Moore Co. At 6pm, radar indicated a severe thunderstorm 10 W of Dumas moving east at 20. This storm has a history of producing baseball-size hail. Also, severe thunderstorms 5E and 5W of Hartley.

Tornado Watch extends from 75 E/W 5 SW CDS-50NE HUT.

6:12 854 CLARENDON - Tcu NW. S winds at 10.

6:15 857 2 picts of towers NW. Power lines in pict. at bottom. Towers are moving NW.

6:22 865.7 New Cb NW. Cb distant SW. Another Cb distant NW.

6:29 873 FM 294 N.

6:33 878 Cb distant NW (Dumas storm) has anvil backshear. Cb N.

6:37 884 Crossing Carson Co. line. New Cb N-NW and distant NW. Multi-cell SW.

6:38 886 Crossing I-40. Small updraft base in view. Low cloud bands point east. There are towers on these bands.

(Tornado Warning - Radar indicated possible tornado northeast of Dumas)

Jct. FM 293 - Stopped briefly. 2 super wide angle shots NW showing base that we are under plus Dumas storm. Nice inflow into this.

6:53 894 Moving north on FM 294 again. (Tornado Warning for the Dumas storm, Radar continues to indicate strong circulation with this storm northeast of Dumas. Spotters have seen a funnel cloud. Also, there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for eastern Carson Co. Doppler radar has indicated a severe thunderstorm southwest of White Deer moving east at 25 mph)

7:01 897 Stopped.

7:04 897 1 super wide angle looking north up the road. Two tails coming in from the east. Small base still, wrapped back NW in precip. like a backward C. Updraft sheared out overhead. I can see the base of the Dumas storm.

7:06 897 Leaving film site. Heading south on FM 294 to avoid core. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Carson, Hutchinson, northern Potter. A cluster of severe storms was located 15 N of Amarillo , 5 W of Stinnett.

7:08 899 FM 293 E.

7:14 906.6 FM 2300 N.

7:16 908 Turning east on dirt road, two miles north of FM 293. Stopped.

7:20 912 2 picts of supercell to the NW. Setting up video camera.

7:25 912 We have a supercell south of Pampa, looking to the northwest.

7:27 912 1 super wide angle shot. Close cg's 1 pict, or two NW. Long exposure on second Canon camera. Wall cloud intensifies. 1 super wide angle NW.

7:33 912 1 shot on the regular Canon. 1 shot on the regular Canon and another on the super wide angle. Wall cloud is rotating. Dirt plume. RFD dust continues. Possible tornado. Wall cloud approaching. 1 super wide angle shot. Lots of rotation. Strong SW winds now.

7:40 912 RFD continues. Circulation elongates. Rain curtains wrapping around updraft.

7:41 Leaving film site. Nice circulation north of me. Stopped at Rt. 70. Circulation moves across Rt. 70.

7:41 913 South on Rt. 70 S. Lots of chasers.

7:50 924 I-40E Fully striated barber pole.

8:06 945 MCLEAN- Long beaver tail extending east north of I-40. HP west.

8:07 946.6 FM 273 N. Shear funnels overhead. Cold air is really surging out now. Stopped just north of town to watch storm. Storm wrapped up and is becoming 8:23 950 outflow dominant.

8:27 953.8 MCLEAN - Rt. 273 S.

8:39 963.5 Stopped to take pictures of shelf cloud.

8:46 969 Stopped to talk to Gene Rhoden and Tim Vasquez.

9:02 982.8 HEDLEY - Rt. 287 SE. -Stopped north of town to take lightning video.

9:15 995 MEMPHIS-

9:48 025 CHILDRESS-

1:22 258 FLOWER MOUND- A great chase. 690 miles, 12.4 hours. TRW+, WC

Summary: Good forecast. Three supercells went up. Dumas, White Deer and Wakita. Left Dallas late but it really didn't matter.