JUNE 15, 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall Bill Lende

11:29 826 AMARILLO- Southwest winds and clear except for CI bands. The synoptic situation has changed dramatically since yesterday. Outflow from last nights convection has ruined today's chances. SPC had a moderate risk in southwest Texas and has moved it to central Kansas from 12 to 15Z -a 500+ mile shift. All winds have gone SW in western OK and northwest TX. Target today is WOODWARD.

11:41 FM 1912 N.

11:45 Rt. 60 NE.

12:21 887 PAMPA- Few Cu E. Patchy CI ALQDS. SW Winds.

1:11 931 Stopped at Rt. 83. on hill to plot data. Two areas show up as convergence, one near Dodge City and one near Childress. We will continue eastbound for now.

1:40 931 Leaving site. Rt. 30 E. West winds at DHT and AMA

1:59 956 Oklahoma border. Cluster of Cu E. Cu line N-S 50 miles.

2:13 974 ROLL - E on Rt. 47. Building Cu E.

2:26 992 1 pict of building Cu E.

2:49 021 Jct. Rt. 183. Stopped to get data.

2:56 021 2 picts N and NW with super wide angle. SW winds. Took video too.

3:30 021 Rt. 183 N. Convergence max is around SPS with 73 dewpoint.

3:47 038 TALOGA

3:57 048 SEILING - Pair of Cb's north with towers. Rt. 281 N.

4:14 069 Passing Jct. 412-


4:47 112 ALVA-Rt. 281N. Cb anvils are pointing NE unidirectional with flow at surface.

5:29 119 Stopped. Australian guys are leaving us.

5:36 128 Kansas State line - squall line NE. Another squall line NW.

5:58 154 Medicine Lodge. - Overshooting top NW.

6:12 1 pict NW of squall line.

6:25 186 PRATT- Stopped to take picts of HOT/COLD water towers.

7:20 242 GREAT BEND- Stopped to take photos in wheat field south of town.

9:00 242 GREAT BEND- Leaving town after eating dinner. Staying in Wichita. Frequent C to C lightning. Wind shifts to NW. Cbs distant NW and N Rt. 56 east. (Severe thunderstorm warning-Comanche)

9:38 277 LYONS- Rt. 14 S. Occasional lightning south, west, and east. NE winds.

10:15 311 HUTCHINSON - Rt. 96 SE.

10:26 HUTCHINSON - Small hail and heavy rain.

11:15 372 WICHITA- Stopped for the night. S-SW winds.

Summary: Had to go into central Kansas to find a storm. Cap was quite strong further south. Storms on front became linear quickly and outflow dominant. SW winds south of the front hurt convergence.