Sunday, May 9, 1999
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Chase Accounts

Robert Satkus -- I must be honest... I overslept today and didn't have much time to lok at any data. I had to rely on what I heard, which from all accounts was quite optimistic. Several sources were talking a severe weather/tornado outbreak. Mdt. risk was in place and I was happy. I did note that there was talk of a weak cap and with high instability and weak mid level winds I was thinking a squall line might be in order, although I felt storms would initially develop as supercells then transition into a squall line. Well, thats not what happened. Storms developed rapidly near Lubbock to near Amarillo and a squall line quickly formed, moving towards Sw Ok where we had postioned ourselves. We sat north of Hollis anticipating at least very strong winds and hail given the instability. We only got a wind gust to 46mph and heavy rain. We let the line chase us back to the Newcastle Ok area at dark with nothing of significance noted. Ho hum.

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