Friday, April 23, 1999

Chase Accounts

Robert Satkus -- Decided to take a chance on north Texas with the front pushing southward and big time instability. Cap was monstrous. Terry Kern and I headed to Denton Tx. We didn't think things would go but had nothing better to do. It was very warm and humid at Denton with the obs at Dallas 84/71. We headed west a bit but got fronted. We pulled back to Denton and were quickly fronted there as well. With no indication of convective development and the front pushing quickly, we hung things up early and headed home.

Tim Jones -- Glad to know that we weren't the only ones in N. TX this past Friday. We were east of Robert Satkus around Bonham and had the same conditions; bust.

Did you chase on this day? Send in your account and we'll add it! Selected chase accounts will be published in STORM TRACK Magazine (with your permission of course).

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