New Storm Chaser Email List!

From Chris Novy:

During the next several months we will be migrating all the LISTSERV lists served at the University of Illinois from our VM machine to a new UNIX machine. Hopefully the move will be largely transparent.

I have created a new group on the new LISTSERV machine called WX-CHASE. The group is intended to be a place to post storm chasing summaries and carry on discussions about storm chasing issues. I want to watch WX-CHASE for a while and make sure the new LISTSERV is working properly *before* I move all the WX-***** lists (including WX-TALK) over.

The new LISTSERV works just about the same way the old one does but since it is not on a VM host interactive messages from CMS will no longer work. That means that *all* commands must be sent via e-mail. I have configured WX-CHASE to require confirmation or a password for all subscription changing commands. When you send LISTSERV a command like "unsub", LISTSERV will send you back a piece of e-mail basically saying "hey, I got this unsub command with your e-mail address on this really from you?" LISTSERV will include a special keyword (a magic cookie) in that message. You will then need to send LISTSERV a second message saying "OK xxxxxxxx" where xxxxxxxx is that special cookie. This sounds like a lot of trouble but it will help prevent some jerk from issuing a REVIEW command on WX-CHASE and then using the results to issue a bunch of unsub commands. You can create a password for yourself and use it to bypass the some confirmation processes.

The new LISTSERV machine has the new address: LISTSERV@PO.UIUC.EDU. Use this address for WX-CHASE matters. Continue to use LISTSERV@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU for all other WX-***** lists until we make the switch.

Let's look at a sample subscription request:

Send e-mail to LISTSERV@PO.UIUC.EDU with the following:

sub wx-chase John Q. Public

pw add dewpoint

The previous command would subscribe John Q. Public to WX-CHASE and set his initial password to the word "dewpoint". Note, this password is John's password for all lists he is subscribed to on the LISTSERV@PO.UIUC.EDU machine.

If later John wants to change his subscription options from DIGEST (the default) to NODIGEST, he would send e-mail to LISTSERV@PO.UIUC.EDU with the following:

set wx-chase nodigest pw=dewpoint

Adding the pw=xxxxxx line bypasses the cumbersome confirmation process. Note, the password keyword works for subscription options like DIGEST/NODIGEST and MAIL/NOMAIL but will not work with the SIGNOFF/UNSUB command. To signoff you will be required to send an e-mail confirmation message.

When you subscribe to WX-CHASE you will automatically receive a copy of the WX-CHASE.DOC file. Please read this file and keep it for future reference.

Again, WX-CHASE is a *real* list but I am also using it to test the stability of the new LISTSERV and my ability to maintain lists on it. If you experience any problems or have any questions, address them to me at Chris@SIU.Edu. ..Chris..


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