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And PLEASE, if you haven't done so already, read the first four articles below!!!!

Last Updated April 22, 1998.

Chaser Safety--MUST READS!!!

Storm Chaser Ethics by Alan Moller

Chase Safety by Chuck Doswell

Some Thoughts On Chasing By Chuck Doswell

"Irresponsible Media Storm Chase Practices" - by Chuck Doswell and Roger Edwards

The Innocent Victim...5/5/93 Experience By Jon Davies

Chaser Priorities

The Cancer Within By Roger Edwards And Rich Thompson

Chaser Musings By Matt Crowther (A Reply To "The Cancer Within")

The Media Reply To All Of The Articles Above By Paul Bouchereau, KWTV-TV, Oklahoma City

Weather Information On A Budget By Gilbert Sebenste

Other Articles On Videos, Storm Photography:

David Blanchards' Tips On Taking Scientific Quality Video

Roger Edwards' Review Of Still Film

Alan Moller's Photo Tips

Greg Stumpf's Photo Tips

Greg Stumpf's Video Tips

Chris Novy's Video Tips

Sam Barricklow's Camcorder Reviews

Martin Lisius' Tips On Chasers Selling Video

Other Video Tips By Tom Grazulis

Copyright Basics For Videographers By Tom Grazulis

Copyrighting Video Fill-Out Instructions By Tom Grazulis

Registering Your Videos By Martin Lisius

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