March 24, 1996


Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall, Vehicle #1

Carson Eads and Bruce Haynie, Vehicle #2

Chase #1

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

11:45 313 LEWISVILLE: First chase of the year. Heading N on I-35. A tornado watch box was issued for western Oklahoma earlier today as a squall-line has developed there. A powerful dynamic system is ripping through the Midwest. We are naturally interested in tail-end charlie and anticipate it along the Red River. Its low broken and broken cirrus.

12:00 326 DENTON- Clouding back up again. Strong South winds.

12:26 356 GAINESVILLE- Pit stop.

12:33 356 GAINESVILLE- I-35N.

12:39 361 Red River in Oklahoma.

12:42 365 Rest area. Dark to the west. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jack and Montaque Cos. Set up the satellite dish. It's back to Dallas as convection is building south. (Severe thunderstorm Warning for Carter and Love Cos; we're in Love Co.)

1:05 376 GAINESVILLE- Sharp anvil edge SW. Cleared out SE. Shelf cloud W.

1:14 388 VALLEY VIEW- Exit I-35.

1:17 390 Stopped at fork in road of FM 2848/922 just west of Valley View. Winds are tending SW.

1:27 390 1 picture on Canon and the other on the Ricoh looking SW.

1:35 Took numerous pictures of shelf cloud and towers overhead.

Took picture NW of shelf cloud. Farm building in picture.

1:43 390 Wind shifted to west. Leaving film site. The southern end of line has slowed.

1:45 392 VALLEY VIEW: Southbound on I-35.

1:52 Took video. Breaking out from under shelf cloud.

2:04 408 Loop east around north side of Denton.

2:09 414 Rt. 380 E. Shelf cloud has stalled out. Wind shifted back to south.

2:26 Stopped briefly.

2:38 429 Rt. 380W. Looking for FM 423. (Gate to gate is 23kts on tail end storm)

Quarter size hail in FTW MAPSCO 25, tennis ball size in 38).

2:45 432 FM 423 south. Supercell over Fort Worth is producing large hail.

Quartersize hail at 114/Beltline. 27F 1/2 inch hail.

2:53 441 THE COLONY- West winds. FTW39 hail damage to cars.

3:01 446 Dallas Tollway South. DAL2 one inch hail. Some rotation in DAL14.

3:11 454 Encountered lots of small hail. ended at Keller Springs.

3:15 458 LBJ East. Lowering wrapped to the northeast. SW winds.

3:17 460 Legacy/Independence- one inch hail. Half inch hail 2170/75.

1 picture of horseshoe vortex NW.

3:30 473 Stopped at Arby's in east Dallas -Mesquite.

4:10 473 Leaving late lunch site. Isolated Cb S.

4:18 481 Rt. 175 SE. Sunshine. Cb with cap forming on boundary N.

4:20 483 Thin overcast cirrus.

4:44 511 KEMP - Dark S. A few cg's. This is an isolated storm whereas storm on boundary to the north is a multicell.

4:55 523 Crossing into Henderson Co.

4:48 523 Stopped at rest area to set up dish. Cb cluster W.

5:36 535 Heading SE towards Athens.

5:40 538 Rt. 31 SW.

5:52 TRINIDAD- Cb NW now more isolated. Lots its flank.

6:06 566 Cb anvil SW with inflow banding. Circulation 30-40knots SE of Malone.

6:11 572 I-45 SE. Beaver tail on HP supercell W.

6:22 583 HP has inflow bands to it.

6:23 584 RICHLAND- Stopped to take pictures of beaver tail.

6:37 586 I-45 SE. Encountered small hail.

7:01 599 Turned around.

8:50 705 LEWISVILLE: 392 miles, 13 hours