APRIL 12, 1996


Bruce Haynie and Tim Marshall

Chase #2

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

1:55 193 HAAG-CARROLLTON-Heading out to near Abilene-Stephenville. Low overcast, strong S winds. Cold sluggish year. First dryline there is weak.

Can barely get to 70 degrees around here. Rainy, humid. Mid-60 dewpoint. Upper trough has short wave breaking off of it.

2:39 218 FORT WORTH-Broken strato-cu. Hazy.

(Tornado Watch was issued this morning till 4pm)

2:45 236 I-20W. Scattered strato-cu. Patchy CI. Anvils NW. Mushy tops NW.

3:16 271 Encountered shelf cloud and windshift. Turning around. Clear south.

3:32 288 Rt. 51 - Fibry anvil overhead. Shelf cloud NW.

3:35 290 Stopped. Bubbling Cu SW. Shelf cloud moving rapidly toward us.

3:45 290 Took pictures. (Tornado Box from Temple to Paris)

4:00 305 FM 3450E. Shelf cloud NW with building towers above it. Clear E.

Scattered strato-cu with patchy cirrus south. Isolated Cb SW. Rt 171 SE.

4:10 309 CRESSON, TX-Rt. 171 SE

4:27 321 GODLEY,TX-Convective line NW. CB over FTW. All linear.

4:30 Stopped-1 picture of Cb of Fort Worth storm, open field in foreground.

Took pictures of Mr. Haynie and vehicle.

4:35 321 Windshift. Leaving film site. Line of towers extends S, evaporating in middle. The cold front dryline intersection is to our west. 3/4 hail at FTW73F. Nickle size hail at White Settlement. 1-1.25 hail at 73R.

4:46 330 CLEBURNE- Golfball hail reported in downtown Keller.

3/4 hail South drive and I-20.

4:55 335 SE on Rt. 4.

5:05 338 Numerous photographs taken with Bruce Haynie. FTW64B pea/marble. 103K 1/2inch hail.

5:37 356 GRANDVIEW- I-35S.

5:45 364 FM 934 exit.

5:47 ITASCA- Horizontal and vertical shots of line of towers.

6:13 375 HILLSBORO- Stopped for dinner. Shelf cloud passed, it rained.

7:00 375 HILLSBORO- Core intensified during dinner. Rt. 171 SE.

7:12 388 MALONE-Rt. 171SE in rain.

7:20 396 HUBBARD- Leading edge of shelf cloud SE.

7:40 400 Turned around and heading back to Malone for sunset shots.

7:43 404 HUBBARD-

7:51 412 MALONE- Stopped and took lots of photographs. Grain bins, sunset.

8:46 413 North on FM 308.

9:07 430 I35E

10:10 493 HAAG- 8.3 hours, 300 miles