APRIL 21, 1996



Carson Eads, Bruce Haynie, Ellen Meyer, and Tim Marshall

Chase #5

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

12:33 373 LEWISVILLE- Big tornado day today along the Red River. I-35 N. Broken flat strato-cu kinda high. Strong S winds.

1:15 422 GAINESVILE: Strong SE of winds. Broken strato-cu.

1:26 MARIETTA: Just talked to Jeff Piotrowski. He'll be sticking around the Ardmore area as the Oklahoma mesonet is showing highest dewpoints there. He believes storms will form around Wichita Falls and become tornadic around Ardmore.

2:16 463 ARDMORE: Light SE winds. BINOVC strato-cu. Rt. 70 W.

2:36 (SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING- Wilbarger Co. Storm near Grabeck. At 2:26, storm was near Lake AnaRose moving NE at 40).


Broken strato-cu. (SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING FOR TILLMAN CO. Storm near Harrold moving NE at 40.)

3:00 514 WAURIKA, OK - Getting dark to our west. N edge of anvil NW.

Broken strato-cu flat. (Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for Archer and E Baylor Cos. )

3:05 518 Rt. 79 SW. We are heading for tail-end charlie.

3:08 Anvil to our west has firmed up. Cb anvil also south. Curved low level cloud bands to our NW. I'm afraid that will fill in. (SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING FOR WICHITA CO, At 3:14pm, a severe thunderstorm was developing 15 miles SW of Electra moving northeast at 40). Just talked to Jeff Piotrowski. He says there are two mesos, one on the southern storm near Archer City and one on the Wichita storm. No tornadoes have been reported yet. Jeff likes the Archer City storm. Cg SW. Base coming into view SW.

3:28 Rain free base SW. (SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING FOR ARCHER CO. Storm east of city moving NE at 40).

Stopped on bridge on east side of Wichita Falls.

1 pict. W of rain free base. Rain core behind it. Scud rising. Cg. HP to me.

Arc of low clouds goes from right over us into the RFB.

Wall cloud forming. Lots of motion on north end of it.


3:53 554 WICHITA FALLS, TX- Ragged lowering NW. Not bad. Rt 287 NW.

(TORNADO WARNING FOR ARCHER COUNTY)- Dime size hail on east side of Burkburnett. Wall cloud forming N of town. Golfball to baseball size hail reported north for us. Nickle size hail in Burkburnett. Not a bad chase, eh Carson. Got a wall cloud sitting in front of your face. Storm may wrap up and shrink with new development further east-northeast. Largest hail reported in Granfield. We're heading N on I-44. Tail cloud noted.

Tail cloud is stretching out now.

3:57 Stopping at rest area. We've got the wall cloud just N of the rest area.

RFD is here with west winds. Wall cloud over the road. Look at the differential movement ahead of us. She's occluding right in front of us at 3:58. Not really organized. Updraft is stretching out in back. Close cg sends us back to the vehicle. Another close cg.

4:00 567 We turn around and head back south on I-44. Archer City storm moving on up. (Dime size hail reported on the south side of Wichita Falls). Jeff Piotrowski called and is in Byers and recommends we bolt east. Jeff said a confirmed tornado was reported with a storm in NW OK.

4:13 WICHITA FALLS- Rt. 287 SE. Virga west. (Severe Thunderstorm near Burkburnett and Lake Arrowhead moving NE at 40).

4:30 603 HENRIETTA- Talked to Kay. She said the best storms are in northern OK with T's everywhere. Tail end charlie is in Jones Co. Sharp anvil W. We decided to go south on Rt. 148.

Passing Jct. 172. Cb developing W.

4:47 620 Jct. 174 W. CB SW in Throckmorton Co. Another Cb NW. Cloud band on northern storm extends out to the east about 50 miles.

4:54 LP storm NW has severe thunderstorm warning.

4:56 1 picture NW of LP storm. Baseball hail reported in Seymour.

5:05 636 WINDTHORST- Rt. 25 W. Dark W with precip core. (Tornado Warning as circulation intensifies on northern storm near Temple, OK)

5:15 647 ARCHER CITY- LP now NE. Other Cb's SW. Winds here are strong SE.

5:31 667 MANKINS-Cb's SW still. Winds are SE at 15. Talked to Kay. She said that tail-end charlie looks the best at Abilene.

6:13 700 SEYMOUR- Talked to Kay. She said cell near Abilene is still the best looking on radar. Cb with mushy backshear N. Rt. 283 S.

6:42 734 THROCKMORTON- Cb with inflow bands west of town and a Cb E of town. Nice rain free base W on LP storm. Winds are calm.

6:55 Stopped W of town. Took 3 shots then another 3 shots, bracketed.

Precip now reaching ground. Picturesque LP W. Light SE wind.

6:55 Bracketted vertical shots. Cumuliform updraft and anvil.

Another vertical shot.

3 pictures of crown overhead illuminated by the sun.

Small detached beaver tail. Light SE winds, 3 mph.

7:00 Vertical and horizontal shots. It's cleared out to the west and south.

7:05 1 picture of flared tail.

7:06 2 pictures, one is with Ellen in it.

7:13 740 Rt. 79 NE. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning Caddo, Comanche, Tillman Cos.)

7:36 Stopped at junction of Rt. 79/578. LP RFB to our west. Sun coming beneath base. Storm has wall cloud with clear slot. CG.

1 pict W of wall cloud.

1 inch hail on ground. Took multiple pictures.

7:37 2 picts. W of panorama.

7:40 Weak windshift out of SW. Still has hard anvil.

7:53 770 OLNEY- NW winds.

8:15 794 ARCHER CITY- Calm winds Rt. 154E.

8:25 803 WINDTHORST-Calm winds. Sporadic hail. Rt. 154 E. CG S.


8:45 828 Stopped just west of Bowie: Took lots of great lightning pictures - Some of the best ever. (Four shots of the 14 were selected by Liasion).

9:16 828 Leaving film site.

9:18 829 VASHITI-

9:27 840 BOWIE- Rt. 287.

9:54 872 DECATUR- Frequent lightning N.

10:18 899 DENTON- I-35N. HP supercell with vault and tail N. The chase never ends. Striated updraft. Lots of cg's


10:46 927 VALLEY VIEW- Turning around. Storm moving NE into OK.

11:26 971 LEWISVILLE-

Trip totals: 13 hours. 598 miles.