APRIL 27, 1996


Gene Bateman,Carson Eads, Bruce Haynie and Tim Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

12:07 205 LEWISVILLE: Broken strato-cu, south winds, warm front came through about 10am. Typical chase situation with surface low at Childress and warm front progged to lift through Oklahoma. Target is Chickasha. Rt. 287 NW. Upper flow should drive storms east-southeast providing good relative helicities. Dewpoints have risen from mid-40's to mid-60's since THIS MORNING!

12:25 222 DENTON-Rt. 380 W Broken strato-cu, clear above.

1:52 329 WICHITA FALLS- Skies cleared out at Bellevue. Patchy cirrus. Strong S winds. Continuing N on I-44.

2:06 347 Crossing into Oklahoma. Target town changed to Seiling, OK.

2:50 403 Exit Elgin. Going back on 277 after missing our turnoff.

Dense cirrus on northern third of sky.

2:55 408 Jct. 281N

3:03 417 APACHE:

Rt. 19W. Cirrus shield now covers northern half of sky.

3:30 448 CARNEGIE- Pit stop. Hop n' sack! Pull up some data.

4:24 448 CARNEGIE- Max. moisture convergence is in northern Oklahoma but its not too great. Looks like a late show.

4:55 483 I-40W.

5:16 508 CLINTON- Rt. 183N. Overcast cirrus. Patchy cu's, high base.

6:00 559 SEILING- Reached alternate target town. Stopped north side of town.

6:56 559 SEILING- A bust it is. Cirrus killed us.

7:28 628 WATONGA- Ate dinner at the Pizza Hut.

8:28 628 WATONGA- Leaving town.

9:03 639 I-40E.

9:34 678 OKLAHOMA CITY- I35S.

12:23 872 LEWISVILLE: 667 miles, 12.3 hours