MAY 13, 1996


Bruce Haynie, Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

2:49 537 LEWISVILLE: MCS has pushed through the Dallas area leaving an outflow boundary that extends up to near Childress. Surface winds are ENE. Maximum convergence occurring up there. At 2pm, temps at SJT and ABI are in the 90's with mid-60's dewpoint. Surface low is near Snyder. MAF has SW winds, LBB has ENE winds. Upper winds stink. Winds are light at all levels. If any convective redevelopment takes place, it will be out at Post or Snyder. (Tornado Watch for the MCS-Tyler to LFK)

I-20 Westbound.

5:55 719 ABILENE-Few Cu. Anvil SW. Anvil remnant NW. Strong S winds.

Surface low still at Snyder. Barometric pressure is falling. (TORNADO WATCH- MAF to PVW)

6:30 763 I-20SW at 84 split.

Large Cb anvil SW. Anvil and towers are fuzzy. Clear east.

6:44 783 COLORADO CITY- Rt. 208. Line of outflow convection W with lots of blowing dust. New convection is forming on the north end of the outflow.

6:46 787 Stopped at county road 161. Numerous photographs taken through 7pm.

7:14 787 High based laminar funnel coming out of elevated updraft. Lots of intracloud lightning. Pronounced mammatus overhead.

7:19 787 1 pict. N of new updraft. Precip core is increasing. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Scurry, Co.) Storm is 19 W of Snyder.

7:30 804 SNYDER-A beaver tail has formed over northern Snyder. NE winds at LBB

Rt. 84 NW. Rain and small hail. Turning around.

Rt. 180E. Severe thunderstorm reported near Snyder.

8:01 832 Rt. 611 N. Rain core is NW. Inflow bands wrap around N side.

8:16 846 ROTAN- Rt. 70 N.

8:20 Stopped at Rt. 70/610 to take photographs.

8:40 Left film site.

8:47 859 ROTAN

9:00 869 ROBY - Rt. 180 E.

9:03 872 FM1085 SE.

9:30 898 I-20 E.

9:42 921 ABILENE-Stopped at the Denny's for dinner.

10:42 921 ABILENE-Leaving.

1:30 102 HAAG- Trip total: 565 miles, 10.8 hours