MAY 26, 1996


(missed the Tornadic cell in SW KS)

Carson Eads, Bruce Haynie, Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall

Steve Tabb and Beverly

Time Odom. Town/Heading Remarks

10:06 235 AMARILLO: Surface low is to our southeast. Skies are clear and winds are east in AMA and we are departing southeast for Childress (why?) Upper low is starting to move east now. It will eject northeastward onto the plains and the dynamics will come with it. Difluence is greatest to the south. All storms north of us will be racing to the north and we don't want any part of that. So, we'll try for tail end charlie today. Target town is Wichita Falls. Rt. 287 SE.

10:33 265 CLAUDE- Low overcast encountered with some BINOVC.

10:54 292 CLARENDON- Overcast skies, some BINOVC. Light southeast wind.

11:14 317 Light rain between Hedley and Memphis.

11:24 321 MEMPHIS - Took photos of Cyclone signs.

ESTELLINE- Skies are clearing out and temps are warming.

11:52 353 CHILDRESS- Pit Stop. Line of towering cumulus overhead oriented north-south. Light southeast winds.

12:44 353 1 pict SE and another SW, wide angle on the Cannon.

12:47 353 CHILDRESS- Leaving town to head SE on Rt. 287.

Saw the College of DuPage folks pass by.

1:00 360 Picture of developing Cb looking south, #35.

1:02 362 One pict. south, vertical shot showing Cb, #36.

1:05 366 Two pictures on new roll, Cannon , looking south at Cb.

1:07 366 Cb with cumuliform anvil S with linear arrangement of the core.

1:10 366 Stopped at FM 268. Cb southwest has HP configuration right off the bat. -Yuck. Vertical shot southwest. Strong south winds now.

1:12 366 1 pict. horizontal shot, oil field. First Cg's.

1:12 366 Vertical shot of Cb to our southwest. Wall cloud developing.

1:21 366 Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for our storm.

1:26 366 1 pict of storm to the west. Winds have shifted around to more of a southwesterly direction (yuck).

1 pict west oil field in left , houses in lower right. Precip. curtains.

1:30 1 pict north of HP storm. Windshifted west and temp drops.

1:33 373 Carson beamed in TWC and the radar shows the original cell to our north with a newly developing storm to our south. Satellite image confirms this area is the only game in town. I wonder why the convection is so linear.

1:34 373 Rt. 287 SE. Cb N and Cb S.

1:40 2 picts SW.

1:42 Horizontal and vertical shot SW on bridge west of Quanah.

Cb SW (tail-end charlie) looks great.

1:46 QUANAH- Severe thunderstorm Warning for SW Hardeman Co.

1:47 388 Rt. 6 N. - Cb SW looks great with chunky cumuliform anvil.

Stopped just north of town to watch Cb.

1:53 Took 1 pict of Cb with cumuliform anvil and wheat field.

1:55 Leaving film site heading N across Red River. Cb just west of us.

1:56 391 Wall cloud developing again to our SW.

2:01 Stopped on the north side of the Red River in Oklahoma.

2:07 Linear arrangement of the towers -don't like it at all.

2:11 Heading northeast on Rt. 6. Convective line building southward, however it hasn't yet glaciated. So far, so bad. Maybe we should go further south to Abilene and wait for the slow eastward moving Cb down there.

2:20 Stopped south of El Dorado to take a look at the radar. I don't like this situation one bit. The convective line is oriented northeast to southwest along with the anvils. Theres not one bit of turning (of the winds with height) here. Outflow winds all over the place. Radar indicated no convection to our south but there is a large tower I can see to the southeast.

Heading NE on Rt. 6 then decided against it and turned around.

2:45 421 OLUSTEE - We're not going to go further north.

3:00 431 Rt. 283 southbound.

3:04 435 Back in Texas.

3:20 456 VERNON, TEXAS- Stopped at the DQ for another weather update.

Towers NW. TWC radar indicates tornadic storm near Hooker, OK has a great signature on it. It's too late for us to make it and the storm is moving north away from us. A plot of the surface and upper air shows great turning with height in southwest KS. Strong east surface winds with southerly upper winds provides a good 90 degrees of shear.

3:50 456 Leaving Vernon, Texas heading southeast on Rt. 287. Tail end charlie Cb is slipping off north of town.

3:59 466 OKLAUNION- Rt. 183 N. - We'll head up into southern Oklahoma once again. My fear is that if the upper low pulls northward it will take a strong cap with it and shut down any convection further south.

(Tornado Watch Box issued from Wichita Falls to Gage)

FREDERICK, OK - Rt. 5 eastbound.

4:37 509 Junction Rt. 36 northeast.

4:55 530 I-44N towards Lawton. Moving along with tail end charlie.

5:19 547 LAWTON- Pit stop. I-44NE Met Herb Stein who had a radar display moving NE at 45mph. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for a storm near Okarche moving north at 40mph.

5:57 Northeast of Chickasha still heading towards OKC. Severe Thunderstorm near El Reno moving north at 50 mph. New Tornado Watch box from Oklahoma City to Concordia. New developing thunderstorm at Apache.

6:17 622 Crossing Oklahoma County. Large shelf cloud to our west. We are going to get blitzed very shortly. South winds.

6:30 638 I-35. Heading east on I-40.

6:36 Stopped on hill and set up cameras. 1 pict. W of approaching shelf.

6:45 Leaving film site heading west. (Tornado Warning issued eventhough we have a windshift to the west.)

6:58 OKLAHOMA CITY - We're gonna stop for dinner.

OKLAHOMA CITY - No we're not stopping as a wall cloud was reported southwest of town. Heading west on I-40.

7:08 Stopped at Will Rogers Airport. Wall cloud is south of us. Tail cloud extends to the north. There's some weak rotation. We have north winds. Jet aircraft takes off in front of wall cloud.

7:12 Wall cloud wrapping up to our north.

7:13 649 In RFD rain. Heading north then east on I-40 to get ahead of it.

7:18 We are in heavy rain. Eastbound on I-40. Wall cloud dissipated.

Things change so dam quickly. (At 7:30, Doppler Radar indicated a severe thunderstorm with strong circulation over downtown Oklahoma City moving northeast at 45mph.)

Stopping at mile marker exit 166 at Loves station. Local radar shows definite hook over Midwest City wrapped in rain. Met Dave Hoadley.

Line is moving slowly east but storms are racing northeast.

7:46 674 Heading west on I-40. (Tornado Warning for Lincoln Co.)

7:58 689 I-35 Southbound.

8:09 704 NORMAN, OK- Stopped at the Chilis for dinner with Dave Hoadley.

9:15 704 Leaving Norman heading south on I-35. Line of towers west.

12:11 877 LEWISVILLE:

TRIP SUMMARY: 642 miles, 14 hours.