MAY 28, 1996


Tim and Kay Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

LEWISVILLE: Stationary front located just south of the Metroplex with extremely high -mid 70's dewpoints. SELS issued a Tornado Box for the area. Towers south.

Are target town is Hillsboro.

3:45 800 Leaving town. Heading S on I-35.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Johnson Co. At 3:42pm, radar indicated a severe thunderstorm 6 W of Cleburne moving east at 15mph)

4:16 830 I-20 E. Cb-S.

4:44 859 Exit Fm66 SW.

4:54 869 MAYPEARL - Jct. 66 Still going SW.

5:11 884 Jct. I-35W near Itasca. Cb N.

5:20 893 Coming up to Rt. 67. 1 pict NE of Dallas Co. storm. Now a supercell.

5:27 902 ALVARADO- Towers are becoming more vertical. Rt. 67 NE.

Storm to our NE is now moving at 35 to the NE. Abort to storm SW.

Now heading SW on Rt. 67. Light south wind.

Cb SW has a flank extending NW and W.

1 pict NE with overshooting top. 1 inch hail reported in downtown Dallas. Updraft on NE storm is erect.

6:03 937 ALVARADO: 1 pict NE without powerlines.

6:23 957 Jct. 66 - No backshear on anvil NE. Our Cb had remained nearly stationary. Tornadoes reported out at Abilene and San Angelo area.

6:26 961 2 picts of NE storm. Anvil is improving.

1.5 inch hail reported at Murphy and Wylie.

Small rotating updraft to our west. Dallas storm has collapsed.

977 FM 1304 SW. - No inflow.

7:04 986 Stopped at Jct. of 933. Met College of Dupage Team.

7:20 990 Stopped at Jct. 1304/2114.

7:26 990 1 pict. N. of rain foot.

7:27 990 Zoom pict. of rain foot.

7:32 991 SE bound on 2114.

7:50 007 FM308 eastbound. Updraft has completely died out. Cb DSNT W.


Trip summary: 329 miles 6.1 miles