MAY 30, 1996


Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

11:10a 294 LEWISVILLE: Overnight convection has left an outflow boundary south of Lubbock. They have northeast winds and their temperature is 15 degrees cooler than Midlands and their pressure is 4 mb higher. Moisture convergence max is around Snyder. SELS has issued a slight risk for the area, however, they said in their discussion that they will probably go to a moderate risk by 19z for west Texas.

12:00 335 I-20W from Fort Worth.

12:52 399 Few Cu SW, SE winds, Cirrus distant NW and possible Cb top. Some ACCAS NW.

1:04 414 (Tornado Watch Box issued) (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Kent Co.)

1:30 446 Mushy cirrus NW and W and SW. No real convection tops noted.

Cu field alqds, scattered.

1:50 470 ABILENE- Pit stop. Lunch. TWC radar. Storms have blown up at Lubbock. Storms appear heading our way.

3:00 470 (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jones Co., storm near Stamford.)

(Tornado Warning- Tornado reported on the ground by a storm spotter 20 miles SW of Stamford.) Heading NW on Rt. 277.

3:22 493 ANSON - Rt. 180 E. 1800-843-5846 Winds are NE. Storm NE.

Convective line is to our east. Core is NE. Boundary stationary to our south with towers blowing up along it.

3:39 511 Rt. 180/6 southeastward. Doppler radar indicated circulation in NW Shackleford Co.

3:55 529 HP supercell to our N.

4:04 538 Convective line to our east about 50 miles away extends underneath the anvil edge to the south.

4:10 BRECKENRIDGE - Stopped to watch Large shelf cloud.

4:35 550 BRECKENRIDGE - Rt. 180 West. We are going to punch the core and see what is on the west side of us. Wind shifts to N.

New cells are developing to the southwest. Two more T boxes have been issued; one for eastern New Mexico and the other for NE Colorado.

Encountered golfball-size hail which destroyed anemometer and caused additional dents in Genes car - He was not happy.

5:05 574 ALBANY-(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for east of Albany) We know that already. Continue Rt. 180 W.

5:11 581 Rt. 351 SW.

5:38 604 ABILENE - Heavy rain. I-20 W.

5:53 621 MERKLE - Stopping at truck stop to obtain weather data.

6:25 621 Heading home- HP supercell at Saragosa but the big tornadic storms are -you guessed it - in Northeast Colorado.

6:40 638 ABILENE- I-20 Eastbound.

9:20 814 Stopped to eat dinner.

10:27 816 LEWISVILLE

Trip summary: 11.5 hours, 522 miles