JUNE 1, 1996




Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

8:41 041 PRATT, KS- 12 minute tornado near Ness City and a 12 minute tornado near Rolla. Overnight an MCC has moved southeastward into central Texas. The outflow boundary extends from a Wichita Falls to Childress to Plainview line. The moisture convergence bullseye is around Paducah, Texas. Skies are overcast cirrus with breaks west. Scattered strato-cu's.

9:58 159 Rt. 281 South in Oklahoma. Cirrus anvil is about 300 miles south.

10:15 136 ALVA, OK- East winds. Cirrus edge is overhead. Continue Rt. 281 S.

11:07 198 SEILING- NE winds. Heading southbound on Rt. 183.

11:51 248 CLINTON- Stop for data.

12:29 248 Not really excited about the weather situation. Not very good.

1:03 287 HOBART- Rt. 9 W.

1:15 299 LONE WOLF- Rt. 44 S. Broken strato-cu, blue sky above. NE wind.

1:37 326 ALTUS - 78 degrees, Broken strato-cu. Rt. 283 S.

2:14 365 VERNON, TX- Stopping for data and TWC. Satellite shows a line of towers along the outflow boundary near Abilene. Abilene has east winds and there is a surface low near Midland.

2:38 Leaving Vernon.

3:08 399 Wind shift, out of the south. Some mid-level cloud band demarcates the surface wind shift for some reason.

3:12 404 Jct. 277.

3:31 1 pict. N of rain cooled air.

3:54 446 THROCKMORTON - Cu S and N. East winds.

4:11 Cb distant SW.

4:23 482 ALBANY- Rt. 180 W East winds.

4:31 Overshooting top on Cb SW with flank extending out to the SW.

Another Cb distant south with multiple domes. Rt. 351 SW.

4:36 Small backshear on anvil SW. Anvil points east.

4:50 517 ABILENE: Mushy Cb SW.

4:59 527 Rt. 277 S. (Storms developing near Brady and Robert Lee)

5: 563 Rt. 153 S. Storms are mushing out. Tower west glaciated.

5:58 601 WINTERS- 1 pict Cb NW. Stopped to get data.

6:30 601 Dome rising up on Cb S.

7:02 640 COLEMAN- Storm in Mason Co. is still going strong. Decided to go home. Rt. 206 NE to I-20 back home.

9:53 848 LEWISVILLE-

Trip summary 13.2 hours, 807 miles