June 4, 1996


Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

9:27 287 AMARILLO-Stayed at Econolodge last night. Today is similar to yesterday except we have a surface low pressure center in southwest Kansas which has developed overnight. A front extends along the Kansas-Oklahoma border. We have southwest winds here and ACCAS overhead. Cirrus N. Slight risk today. Expect a T-box in western Kansas this afternoon due to easterly component of surface winds (upslope) north of the frontal boundary. Don't expect the surface low to move much today. Tommorrow may also be a chase day in eastern Kansas down to central Oklahoma. Target is SW Kansas. Rt. 60NE to Pampa.

10:12 336 PAMPA-Rt. 70 N. SW winds.

10:45 391 Jct. 83 N. Cirrus N. SW winds. ACCAS overhead.

12:00 429 1 pict NE of disturbed area of ACCAS towers and virga. Towering cumulus W. and an arc of cumulus which extends from our east through north through northwest.

12:10 442 Liberal, KS. - Cluster of towering cumulus W. Patchy CI overhead. ACCAS patch east. Winds are more southerly. We'll stop and watch the

weather channel.

1:28 474 Sublette, KS - Towers SW. Plotted a weather map. Surface low is near GCK with maximum convergence there. This a classic upslope situation throughout northwest Kansas. Do we go to Goodland or stay put? We decided to go midway between the front to our south and Goodland to our north.

2:00 510 Garden City, KS- In cumulus field now. It's hazier now indicating more moisture in the air. Towers looming up SW still. South winds.

2:10 518 Stopped just north of GCK. Cb now to our south along the front; has large dome now. The convection is line oriented but we will watch it -and the Weather Channel why we take pictures of an old farmhouse. Calm winds.

3:36 518 Departing to our south. There doesn't appear to be anything to our north yet. Pair of Cb's south. Convective line is east of us for some reason.

4:04 524 GARDEN CITY - New Cb SSE. We have ENE winds now.

4:09 529 Multiple flanks SW on Cb. Rt. 50 E. There are three flanks building into a large complex.

4:15 532 1 pict SE of Cb with large overshoot.

4:24 542 1 pict SE of Cb with huge tower on NW.

Another picture showing incredible punch through the sky. Mushy Cb SW and another mushy Cb even further SW.

4:27 546 Near CIMMARON Ks. East winds at 15. The NW flank on the SE Cb is the greatest in development. The middle flank has one tower about half the size and the NE flank has low topped towers. Storm appears to be backbuilding. Cb SW has dome and anvil is becoming crisp.

4:36 NE flank has mushed over and sheared out, the north flank has a nice tower, and the NW flank is punching through to the stratosphere. Incredible explosion. Cb southwest still has mushy anvil.

4:38 559 CIMMARON- Rt. 23 S. Northeast flank has sheared away. N flank still has nice tower and the northwest flank has a pileus cap. Convection SE mushy.

4:48 569 Cumuliform backsheared anvil on Cb to our south.

4:50 571 Passing Rt. 54 still on Rt. 23 S. Tremendous backsheared anvil S with cumuliform tower.

4:54 576 2 pictures to the south; the last one has a do not pass sign in it. Theres a red car in the lower left. Middle flank tower is now up to anvil level.

5:10 593 MEADE - Cb with pileus cap on flank to our south. East winds.

5:14 597 Rt. 160 E. -Cumuliform updraft/anvil to our south.

5:16 600 1 pict. S of cerebral Cb.

5:24 609 2 vertical shots south. Line is backbuilding oriented NW-SE.

Stopped to have a brief peek at TWC radar at Jct. 283S.

5:35 614 Back on road (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for WOODS CO.)

5:41 619 ENGLEWOOD- Numerous RFBs to our south. Cb SW with long base.

Two other Cb's SE.

5:48 627 1 pict. SE of chunky anvil on Woods Co. storm. Two flanks W feeding into the line.

5:50 649 ENGLEWOOD- Large Cb with chunky anvil E-SE now. Large base SW.


6:03 644 Stopped at junction Rt. 64. SW winds.

6:15 644 Heading westbound. Anvil now west with RFB.

6:18 LP storm WSW of us with lowering that is rotating slowly.

2 pictures W of possible funnel underneath RFB west near GATE, OK.

6:22 LP storm with wall cloud WSW. Wall cloud lifting. Banding overhead.

Last picture on roll. Some rotation evident at cloud base. Tail forming.

6:24 1 zoom picture of wall cloud on new roll of film.

6:25 1 wide angle shot W with car headlights. We are at the back edge of the thunderstorm complex. There is a low cloud band coming in from the SW. Flank to the NW. Slow rotation at cloud base still.

6:28 655 Stopped before sun came around anvil. Set up cameras.

6:30 655 South winds.

6:33 655 Concentrated area of dust SW. Four pictures taken.

6:36 655 Dust appears to be RFD related.

6:40 655 Heading W. LP fuzzed out. Storms all dying except Cb E-NE.

6:45 661 GATE- Rt. 64 E.

6:48 664 GATE-Paved road S. LP came back to life. (Severe storm over Woods Co.)

7:01 677 Still jogging south. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning- NE of Miami moving SE. Cb NE has large anvil)

7:14 690 Texas border. (TORNADO WARNING -Radar 5 E of Vici moving SE 20.)

7:18 695 Supercell distant SW, distant SE, distant NE. all intensified at once.

7:24 Turned east back into Oklahoma. Huge dome on Cb NE.

7:29 707 Rt. 15 S. (Severe Thunderstorm at New Mobeeti)

7:39 718 SHATTUCK - South winds. Large backshear NE supercell

7:43 Plunger Cb with large overshoot NE - Storm SE cloaked in rain.

(TORNADO WARNING FOR DEWEY COUNTY- At 7:44pm, radar indicates strong circulation 12 NW of Putnam moving southeast at 15).

7:48 727 Rt. 51/60 E.

8:05 745 HARMON- Supercell SE no backshear. Doesn't look promising. Shrinking updraft. It is rotating but so what, all updrafts rotate.

8:08 749 2 pictures SE of LP. Took video of shrinking updraft.

8:14 755 Crossed into Dewey County.

Stopped for a while to watch Cb shrink away and shear over.

8:44 760 VICI - Saw 2 LP's today. The big guy was in the TX panhandle. Rt. 34 N.

We'll eat dinner in Woodward and stay the night in Pratt to play E KS tomorrow.

10:00 781 WOODWARD - Rt. 34 N. Met Mike Foster and John Monteverdi at Golden Corral Restaurant.

10:42 823 Back in KS.

11:20 864 Rt. 54 E.

12:02 897 PRATT, KS. - Stayed at the Super8.

Trip total: 14.5 hours, 610 miles.