June 5, 1996

Kansas City, Kansas HP Supercell

Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall

Time Odom Town/Heading Remarks

10:27 900 PRATT, KS-Moderate risk for eastern Kansas and eastern Nebraska. Our target town today is Topeka. Surface low is near Scott City, KS. Easterly winds at HUT and GBD. The front is lifting north and east along with the low. We will proceed into northeast Kansas fleeing the death ridge as clearing invades from southwest.

11:34 970 WICHITA- Gene wants to go to Salina rather than Topeka. So it's I135 N.

(Four supercells yesterday. The Tx panhandle and PNC supercells were HP and we were on the on the LP's. Why HP,LP,LP,HP configuration? One spotter report of a tornado near Wichita.

12:52 059 SALINA- Stopping for data and gas.

1:22 059 SALINA- Cb's blowing up along an outflow boundary to our N. The outflow boundary is moving to the south. We can see an overshooting top NE. We'll head N on I-35 till we hit the outflow boundary.

1:45 086 2 pictures NE of Cb's with mushy tops. Flank extends W. Series of bands out ahead of the thunderstorms probably indicates an outflow dominant situation.

2:07 109 CONCORDIA, KS- Outflow dominant Cb's to our E have mushed out and reinforced the outflow/boundary. The boundary extends to the northwest and there is a cluster of towers to our NW. Cu along the boundary N-NE.

We still have SE winds here. We'll go a bit further north to the boundary.

2:19 118 Cu behing outflow boundary. Passing Jct. 148.

2:23 123 Stopped at old schoolhouse on left side of road. We'll do some photography.

East winds. The boundary is nearby.

3:02 123 Watching the Weather Channel. Cell north of Topeka moving SE rapidly.

(TORNADO WATCH BOX for central and eastern Kansas)

3:25 123 Leaving film site. Northeast winds now. A band of cumulus is still along the leading edge of the boundary. Clear north of boundary. Transverse rolls SW. Radar indicated an echo SW but we can't see it.

3:27 126 1 pict S. of ragged torn cu.

3:29 127 Passing Jact. 148.

3:35 134 CONCORDIA, KS - Massive low level cloud band (overcast) to our west. We have stout east winds (15-20) in town. We'll eat at the KFC.

4:50 136 CONCORDIA, KS-Looks like a late show as upper wave is coming through Colorado. We drove west on Highway 9 and stopped at an old two story house about 14 miles from town. Took lots of Photographs.

7:00 150 Leaving film site. Towers distant E and NE. Cirrus NW - our wave!

7:17 163 CONCORDIA, KS - Cb E. Boundary still there with towers extending NW.

Rt. 9 Eastbound towards Cb.

7:38 179 CLYDE-Overshooting top on Cb. NE winds.

7:46 186 Dome collapsed leaving spray of cirrus.

7:53 193 Jct. 15S. Another Cb distant distant NE. Cirrus overcast NW.

8:00 199 County road 376 East.

8:22 221 RANDOLPH- Rt. 77. Cb backbuilding to the west, obscuring in low clouds.

8:42 242 MANHATTAN- Rt. 24, losing daylight. (TORNADO WARNING NE JEFFERSON CO. 20 N of LAWRENCE. At 8:45pm, spotters reported a funnel cloud SE of Nortonville moving SE at 20.)

8:56 252 I-70E to Lawrence. New tornado box till 3am. The chase is not over yet.

(Severe Thunderstorm County for NE Jefferson Co.)

9:29 292 TOPEKA - Radar on TV shows echo with appendage.

9:41 305 Toll road east of Topeka. Frequent Lightning East. Other cells are now developing to the north (convection initiation zone) but appear linear. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jefferson County, At 9:47, Doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm 25 NW of Lawrence near Valley Falls moving SE at 25).

10:06 326 LAWRENCE- Storm approaching quickly. Stopped for gas. Cg's N.

10:10 327 Heading southbound on Rt. 59. Spotters reported baseball hail doing damage in Bachelor, KS in Johnson County and golfball hail in Shawnee city, at K-7 and 10 highway, and at 126th and Hairwell.

10:18 336 Stopped briefly. Can see HP configuration on storm N-NE.

10:28 336 Leaving film site.

10:32 340 Passing Rt. 56. Baseball hail reported in Springhill, KS.

11:09 355 OTTAWA, KS- Shelf cloud is passing overhead. 1-1/4 hail in Lawrence.

12:05 409 EMPORIA, KS- I-35SW.

1:13 483 WICHITA, KS for the night.

Trip total: 583 miles, 14.7 hours