JUNE 6, 1996


Gene Rhoden, Tim Marshall

Time Odom. City/Heading Remarks

10:15 483 Wichita, Kansas: We have north winds, cloudy skies, starting to rain. A cold front is moving south and we will chase home today. Heading south on I-35.

11:28 576 Crossing the Cimmaron Turnpike and still have north winds. Cirrus is west through north. Virga showers south with almost overcast skies south. Patch of clearing overhead.

12:38 657 Norman, OK: Stopped for a leisure lunch. Winds shifted to lazy southwest. Clearing southwest, otherwise its overcast.

2:34 657 Still in Norman. Winds shifted to east-northeast, front passed. Towering cumulus overhead. Skies are overcast.

Tornado Watch issued for southern Oklahoma.Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for Canadian County. Strong east winds now with turkey towers overhead.

3:09 677 Leaving Norman. Cb Northwest.

3:23 686 Listening to the Oklahoma Civil Defense and TV-9. West OKC. Three cells are developing. N Canadian Co., Calumet.

3:24 690 West on 240 in OKC. Rain free bases can be seen to the west.

Cell number 1 has a lowering under it with tail. The other two bases do not have much of a lowering under them. Storm near Piedmont has 45 dbz, small echo. Dominant cell near Fort Concho. Another cell west-northwest of Union Cell. A few pixels of 50 dbz.

3:31 696 Tim 1 pict N of banding of outflow stratus moving rapidly west into storms.

3:36 700 Stopping for gas on the west side of OKC - Meridian exit.

North cell appears to have dissipated.

3:46 703 Council road exit. Storm west of us is most dominant.

3:52 704 Stopped. Inflow bands to the northwest. RFB is elongated to SW.

3:55 704 Took some video and three pictures.

3:58 704 Dominant cell is near Yukon. We are leaving film site.

There is still a linear orientation to the base -squall line type.

Cluster of towers southeast of us. Winds shifted to northeast.

4:02 707 Heading south on rural roads.

4:04 708 Heading southwest on Hwy 152.

4:14 715 I-44 South. Some backbuilding -linear bases. Getting out of rain.

Exited on Rt. 62 South and stopped on a hill next to microwave tower.

4:39 727 Leaving film site.

4:46 733 I-35 South.

4:55 742 Stopped again just off interstate.

5:09 749 Westbound on Rt. 39. Cell west near Anadarko. Line of storms.

Anvil northeast and northwest. Stopped north of Marysville.

6:06 749 Left film site: Tornado Warning. Doppler Radar indicated a possible tornado on a storm NW of us moving east at 30mph.

6:10 771 Crossing under I-35 heading east on Rt. 19 through Pauls Valley.

6:16 774 PAULS VALLEY - Heading northeast on Rt. 19. Core is still west of I-35 near Wayne. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Cleveland, McClain, Pottowatamie, and Seminole. Whatever circulation there is -is totally rain wrapped. We are at the inflection point. Sharp anvil overhead.

6:38 791 Continuing eastbound on Rt. 19. Wall cloud NW. Stopped briefly and took video. It's too dark for stills. Large wall cloud with tail extending to the northeast. We are staying with it.

6:51 800 STRATFORD- South on 177. Stopped. Northeast winds. Storm seems to be a bit disorganized and slipping to the southeast. Still has a nice inflection point. Decided to head east on Rt. 19 to Ada.

7:09 816 ADA - Outflow is taking over storm. Heading south on 377.

7:45 856 TISHOMINGO - Storms are lining out and building south.

8:05 859 Stopped to take some lightning shots. Elevated wrapping updraft.

8:17 868 MADILL - Lightning N. Lots of traffic. North winds.

8:27 871 Continuing 377 South. In core heading south.

8:32 876 Continuing 377 South. Lots of lightning.

8:41 885 Crossing into Texas over Lake Texhoma. Sureal duststorm.

8:56 900 WHITESBORO - Tornado Warning issued for tail end charlie storm just to our west. We can already see the rain free base. Heading W on 82.

9:07 912 GAINESVILLE - HP supercell to our west. We are in pursuit.

Stopped west of town -near airport - to take lightning photos.

9:17 916 Leaving film site. Heading east on 82 to I-35.

9:18 917 I-35S. Stopped at Spring Creek Road to take lightning shots.

9:29 924 HP wrapped up and quickly moved to the east.

10:30 974 LEWISVILLE:

Trip total: 491 miles, 12.3 hours.