5/18/97 TX/OK chase by Marty Feely

From Marty Feely
Subject: Sunday Sawyer Supercell Summary

Went looking for Tail-end Charlie along OK-KS border.  Waited 10 W
Medicine Lodge 6 - 7:15p.m. for towers backbuilding in same spot to hang
on & stay hard. (He said 'hard')  7:15, the monster explodes and in
minutes we have a classic supercell to our north with stairstep flanking
line and large, round striated base. Awesome! As we approach S of
Sawyer:  Large, beefy but disorganized wall cloud hangs over the town.
No rotation was ever observed, but this beast was a photogenic feast!
We  did not see the landspouts observed by Jim Leonard & others. This
storm  never had a chance to hose due to early undercutting by

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