5/23/97 TX chase by Brian & Nancy Morganti


On Friday [5-23] we headed north out of Amarillo toward Pampa & Canadian,
Tx. via RT. 60.  Just south of Canadian we could see the tops of towers
rapidly developing through the lower scattered cloud cover to the north of
Canadian.  We stopped on a hill overlooking Canadian to shoot some video &
slides, and could now see the RFB and lowering wall cloud develope.  We
proceeding north of Canadian and plotted a course on the south side of this
developing line via FM2758 heading east.

Just as we turned onto FM2758 from RT 60 we found Tim Marshall watching &
filming the storm.  I got to tell you what a pleasure it was to listen the
master of storm narration in action..."pure poetry in motion".  Got a slide
of Tim with hail foot in background...not an everyday photo for me!

Proceeding further east we met up with the "Doppler on Wheels" truck and
crew from Norman.  Further east on Rt 283 south was the other "Doppler on
Wheels" and the NSSL van and armada of chase equipped VORTEX cars.
Everyone leapfrogged further south until breaking off the chase at appx.
6:00 PM., as the storms had aligned in a linear fashion with no further
development likely.  These slow moving storms continued southeastward and
finally caught up to our motel in Elk City, Ok. around 9:30 PM.  My
question would be is VORTEX back in action for 1997 or was this all just
part of TWC "Storm Chase 1997" which is being carried live this Memorial
Day weekend?  In either event, it was great to get some footage of the team
in action.

Brian & Nancy Morganti

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