5/25/97 OK/TX chase by Lon Curtis

From: Lon Curtis (curtis@ns.vvm.com):
(Preliminary report/more detail upcoming)
        Chased south central Oklahoma Sunday afternoon and evening: drove
Marlowe to Duncan on US81 in time to catch the Duncan/Comanche tornado
which took ~5 railcars off the tracks south of Duncan; east on OK53(?)
from Comanche for ~15 miles watching the same parent storm with
continuing wall cloud and one brief anti-cyclonic funnel cloud (near
Loco). Other wall clouds (too numerous to detail earlier) from north of
Lyndsay to near Blanchard (on OK76) with tornado reported (but not seen
by me) east of Chickasha ... forced retreat back south by this HP storm
which within the hour caused injuries while crossing IH35 near Purcell.
        Returning to Cen TX on IH35 after dark, encountered golf ball hail and
extremely strong inflow just south of Gainesville (tornado warning in
effect) ... stopped briefly ~5 south of Gainesville to watch large cell
with wall cloud just southwest of Gainesville ... fled south when CGs
increased in immediate vicinity to over 10 per minute and inflow dropped
to dead calm(!!) over a period of a couple of minutes.
        If this was "the outbreak" of this year, my share of it was well worth
the effort. Hope others got some of the show.

Lon Curtis
Belton, TX

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