5/25/97 KS chase by Marty Feely

From: Marty Feely
Subject: WOW!  Mother Nature Performs To A Packed House

Tornadoes for everybody Sunday.  We held to target area of W of
Wichita,  resisting temptation to go for early storms to N on Warm
Front. Spectacular Classic Supercell Medicine Lodge to Harper with
tornado N of Attica (Same one seen on Wx Channel).  Unbelievable
striated coffee can  updraft N of Harper.  This storm kept our attention
just long enough to  make us late for the BEAST, the next cell South.
Outflow from the BEAST killed our storm, so we dropped south just in
time to see the first tornado from that one form. But big, fat hook
wrapping around it obscured our view & we never saw touchdown.  Couldn't
get around hook...  Tornado Sirens wailing in Argonia...gave up W of
Perth 8:30 p.m. after  driving into W edge of hook. The Wedge was just a
few miles E, but no way was I going into the holocaust between us and
it!  Can't wait to see the video, Jim! ...Marty

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