5/25/97 KS/OK chase by Martin Lisius

From: Martin Lisius (73124.1052@CompuServe.COM):
Dear Chasers:

This is just a brief synopsis of our Sunday, May 25 chase.

Left OKC around 1:00 with Herbert Fiala drove to N. of END via Kingfisher.

Waited near Nash for a couple hours watching towers go up and down.  Best
convergence could be seen to the NW.

Drove N. to Anthony, KS as two towers had become small and organized storms.

Headed NW to near Harper as storm to our SW was small.  Both storm bases were
clearly visible from just east of Harper.  We opted for storm to our north as
the base had a "near-tornadic" look I have seen before...it was very dark with
established, thick lowerings rotating hard and moving downward (always a good
sign).  The tower above it was quite impressive.  It was vertical, broad and
twisted.  It looked like a twisted soft-serve ice cream cone in the bright
sunlight.  It also had a nice, back-sheared anvil with knuckles.

We turned due north out of Attica and watched several pointed and sharp black
funnels with brief spin-ups below (aka tornadoes) form and dissipate.  Finally,
at about 7 pm, and 6 miles due north of Attica, one of  the funnels stretched
downward to about halfway to the ground kicking up dark dust.  We were now about
1.5 miles southeast of the tornado with excellent backlight to the NW.  At the
tornado's climax, it had developed a nice, black, pointed condensation funnel to
about 3/4 to ground and small, but tall, black and violently rotating dust

The tornado lasted about 2 minutes.

We tracked the storm east to just north of Harper.  It produced several more
funnels just to our north.  It began to fall apart as sirens went off in Harper.

Strong, hail-cooled out flow from the Anthony storm just to our south was
killing our storm!  The previously pretty marginal storm to our south had taken
over the atmosphere and tracked east along 44 producing several storm spotter
reported tornado warnings over the next couple hours.  We could not, however,
get around to the east side of that storm.

But, even though the Atika tornado was brief, it was very beautiful and dramatic
with classic high contrast look (black funnel, dust whirl and storm base).

Will chase again today.

I do not have the chase forecast discussion group mail list on my laptop (what I
am using now).  So, Greg, can you forward?

I will do an in-depth summary later.

Good luck today.  Nice jet streak near 4 Corners on morning satellite loop.

Martin Lisius

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