5/31/97 chase by Powell Way

From: Powell Way
From:    "Powell E. Way III" 
Subject: SCUDnadoes R US...

On Saturday June first sometime between 5:30 and 6 PM I left my
parents house and turned on the 2 meter radio to the 147.210 Little
Mountain SC repeater. I heard all kinds of talk about wall clouds and
funnel clouds. Now there was a VERY slow moving thunderstorm over
the Lexington SC area, but the NWS had not issued anything for it. I
kept questioning the people and could not get a good answer to what
they really saw other than scud. [which it was]  I finally got
annoyed and asked George, KF4KPR to call the forecast office to see
what they said, as I could go very close to the storm's path if need
be....they basically said to go look at it and report back. I figured
I'd get a good look at the SW side if it continued on.  Unknown to
me, the storm stopped and then sat over the dam awhile.I stuck the
camcorder in the windshield and headed down SC 6 that way, almost
immediately getting in heavy rain. This slowly increased till I got
halfway over the dam, and the visibility dropped to zero. Everyone
stopped. And I looked to my left and up and all I could make out was
the rain in large rotating curtains. My 1 word comment on the tape
was simply........."COW"
        Soon the rain lifted some and we slowly moved on, and at the 
end of
the dam the rain slacked, hail, pea size hit....I met another ham,.
Ray, KF4HMK, who is a police officer and we went to the Pasttime
Pavillion parking lot and looked. NO wall clouds....NO tornadoes.
Lots of SCUD.

We rode back toward the dam and on a high spot saw what LOOKED like a
tornado all the way down ( and impressive looking) BUT when topping
the next hill a few minutes later it was gone... all rain).

The NWS issued a warning,  and never verified any tornado to my
knowedge. I did go in a run a Skywarn net as the Augusta GA group
was active. THIS  time we had no bad stuff.
     Before I went in to the NWSFO to do the net, the thunderstorm 
that the warning was issued for....at the back end of the cloud made 
a lowering of sorts and a funnel TYPE cloud. There was NO rotation, 
but boy to the casual observer, this would have caused a heart 


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