5/29/97 chases by Shane Adams

From: Shane Adams (david-brown@ou.edu):
Subject: tornado sighting

On May 29 my chase partner and I caught a tornado about 5 miles
east of Harmon, OK..
     We had been chasing since 2:30 pm, and intercepted the tornado at
about 8:51pm. As we drove east, the storm was north-northeast of us, about two miles away. The 
storm was moving southeast, so we were in perfect position to see any action.
     I think the tornado was probably on the ground for many moments before we could see it, 
because it was growing dark and was partially
rain-wrapped. Then I saw it. We had to drive about an eigth of a mile
before we could pull over, but once we did we got some good video, high-
lighted by some great backlight from lightning.
     We filmed for about two minutes, after which the tornado quickly became completely wrapped 
in rain (too bad, it would have crossed the road about a half-mile in front of us.) About thirty 
seconds after we lost sight of the tornado, we were pounded with sideways golfball-sized hail, 
and quickly got the hell out of there!
     From my estimates, I'd say the tornado was about 150-200 yds wide, and F-1 strength.
     I took the video to the Norman NWS and they pretty much confirmed it.

                                     Shane Adams

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