7/1/97 chases by John Moser

From: John Moser (jstorm@TFS.NET):
Subject:      Re: Armageddon BUST!

Well my chase partner Jay Antle and I participated in the Armageddon bust
chase of the year. I left my home in St Joseph, MO (took a vacation day for
this) and picked Jay up in Omaha Nebraska and then continued to a postion
just west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At around 23Z we decided to move
east to a position near Arian, MN, just off I-90 east of Luverne and Rock
county. Well the radio kept blaring this all to familiar bulletin "Very
Dangerous Situation could develop, HIGH Risk for damaging tornados"..Hmmmmm
well lets see what kind of risk and danger we encountered.

(1). Red ants that bit us while we were watching towers "attempt" to break
the cap.

(2). Bugs permanently plastered on the front of our chase vehicle that
reduced visibility to 1/2 mile.

(3). Surface winds that gusted to 35 mph at one point..wow better then mid
level jet in      Kansas this year,,,,,,,,, blew road map away..

(4). The frustration factor...was 10,000 j/kg and we drank to much soda....

(5). Oh wait, we did get something..

At 8:15 pm CDT, we spotted a tower to the south in sioux county Iowa that
was breaking the cap, WOW!! Hope...we can make it!!! we drove at "moderate
risk speed" down US-75 to a postion just west of Osbourne county to see this
supercell. Well, very short lived supercell. It took the power out in the
town of Anton, Iowa and gave us a spectacular view of its inflo bands and
beautiful flying saucer top.. Illuminated white with the sun to the west and
clear skies all around. It soon, however, collapsed and died.. for reasons
unkown......hence the chase cannot be labeled a "bust", nickle size hail and
50mph winds----least we got some great inflo band video and
stills!!.....well so goes it with this hobby......

Chase Log...816 miles, 14hrs, (3 waiting for towers) but one lesson
learned...we did see the only supercell in that area because we waited, even
endured the ants for 2 hrs because our instincts said if anything was going
to happen, it would be in NW Iowa, well I realize things happened elsewhere
but we could not have made it to the storms to the north---long ride home!..

Alas, we did tape the VDS bulletin just for posteriety......

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