6/6/97 Chase by Verne Carlson

Well, myself and 3 other co-workers where returning from our Friday
margarita lunch on Boulder's Pearl street mall when I noticed the
impressive line of towering cumulus to our east, my first thought was
that gee I should take a half day vacation and go chase today.  As we
got out of the taller buildings of Boulder and onto a street with a
clear view of the eastern sky, there it was.  Looming large in the
windshield and snaking from the RFB to the south down to Baseline
reservior was an impressive rope tornado.  I quickly turned off on 30th
street and grabbed my only piece of chase gear on hand which was my 35mm
camera.  By this time the tornado was not well backlit and losing
strength fast.  I shot off the first picture of the final rope stage
across from the car dealership.  Hopping in to the car we quickly sped
down Arapahoe road but were hit with an intense outflow blast and heavy
rain as the tornado gave up the ghost.  My friend Emilio, in the car
with me, later gave me two of his wife's best pictures of the tornado
looking to the west from nearby Louisville.  The first image is from the
formation stage and the second is at the maximum of the event (see Al
Pietrycha's account of the same tornado).  All in all it was an exciting
thing to see.

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