8/5/97 Chase by Powell E. Way III

From: "Powell E. Way III" (powell@scsn.net):
Subject:      Tuesday August 5  Bust

Howdy  from rather cool SC!
Tuesday seemed a rather  uneventful afternoon. I had piddled around
the house till late afternoon. Supposedly the cold front  had moved
through, so I set down and read  my mailing lists. I just happened to
look at Nexrad and (!!!!) whats THIS. A RED blob on the Union /
Newberry county line. My eyes got bigger as I looked at the regional
radar summary and it said mesocyclone. A call to WKDK in Newberry
where I worked part-time ...I talked to Lee Ringer, who this fall
will be off to NC State for a met major.  No storms there. So I
called WBCU in Union who told me that there had been a warning
isssued for it, and golf ball size hail had fallen near Whitmire. I
had my SC county atlas in hand, and into the truck went video and
still cameras. This storm  had sped up to around 30 MPH and was
actually already in Fairfield county. Got on I-20 east,  and tuned to
WISW 1320 where WIS-TV chief meteorologist Jim Gandy was already
giving me the information to intercept. The only worry was that would
poor rush hour driving (its after 5  PM) cause a wreck.   I got off
I-20  and on to US 21 to carry me into northern Richland county and
near Blythewood where I'd meet the storm. Boy was I disappointed. A
short bit of heavy rain. The storm, as it  got into Richland  county
fell apart.

Well, POO!


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