10/8/97 KS Chase by Jim Duncan

Latest chase I've ever been on in Kansas!!!!

The day started out with plentiful moisture seeping into eastern Kansas
and western Missouri.  Came home from work about 5:30 to find the EMWIN
alarm going crazy with three watches already posted!

A quick glance at DTN showed a line of developing thunderstorms
advancing on Topeka followed very shortly by the first tornado warning
at 1830 and a second warning a few minutes later.  Spotters confirmed a
tornado down 3 miles south of Horton, Kansas, at 1930.

By this time the Batmobile and two other members of the Rogue Squadron
were on the road!

Steve, KB0YER, headed north on I-29 toward St. Joseph to try to get
ahead of two supercells moving northeast at 45 MPH out of Topeka!  I
took the direct, albeit overland route over hill and dale and took off
west through Leavenworth turning north to intercept the first supercell
near Atchison.

Lots of lightning but, as my luck would have it, the storm collapsed
right on top of me (can YOU spell "high precipitation supercell"?)!  By
this time I was parked just off U.S. 73 about 4 miles west of Atchison.

The Skywarn net on St. Joseph (MO) repeater (146.85) started asking for
information when NWS-Pleasant Hill started worrying about exactly where
I happened to be!  (Just east of Atchison near Sugar Lake, MO)

No firm statements about what they were seeing but calm winds and heavy
rain were all I found!

Well, even though it was a bust chase, it WAS a chase and probably the
last chance we'll have to do it in this area until next March...One last
chance to get the old adrenalin flowing...Even John Moser probably had a
ring-side seat again tonight from his front porch as the dissipating
cells moved across northern Buchanan and into southwestern Andrew

John....want to add anything to this one?  If I know you, you were on
top of the tornado near Horton....  We DEFINITELY need to get John on
two meters! (he's got his license just no radio...talk about your
convoluted priorities!!!)

Now as autumn finally sets in here in the midwest, we can all sit back
and imagine what 1998 holds in store for us!

73 de Jim, KU0G
Kansas City APRS Working Group
Rogue Squadron Storm Chasers
EMail:  ku0g@kcaprs.org

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