10/8/97 KS Chase by John Moser

Well last night was interesting......My chase partner called me the day
before hinting that I might want to consider putting my gear back in the
car. A check of the 12Z NGM gave me a reason to bag my exam in Kansas City
on Wednesday night. However, during the day Wednesday it was cloudy, hence,
CAPE values were nominal at best(not that CAPE is all to bank on, EHI's were
good, etc). I was not about to avoid the exam (Physical Chemistry) and I had
a friend flying in from AZ at KCI so I bagged the chase and wished my
partner well. At 21Z I left work and headed for my P-Chem exam in KC, heavy
rain was falling and I thought of my partner out there somewhere in eastern
Kansas getting hosed from the precip...no severe event tonight I thought as
I sped down I-29.

Well......at 0Z, with the exam over, I headed to KCI, on the weather radio I
hear of a tornado warning near Atchison, Kansas, just 20 miles SW of my home
with the cell moving northeast at 50mph! I call home and no answer, toronado
watches all over eastern Kansas, another warning just west of Topeka near
Manhatten, oh my! Well bottom line is the HP becomes outflow dominant and
gives my yard 1.3 inches of well needed rain and I see the most area
coverage for tornado watches all season..... Maybe this weekend there might
be another gasp in the southern plains....yes Jim, I was out there, but not
on the porch watching a meso, I was driving thru the last gasp of the HP's
rain curtain!


PS: The reason we had a tornado in eastern Kansas is my friend from AZ
wanted to go on a "real storm" chase so the minute her plane arrived the
tornado touched down near Manhatten......time 1:40Z........

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