10/11/97 KS Chase by John Moser

From: John Moser (jstorm@TFS.NET):

Well yesterday was.......well.....At 16:30Z by chase partner and a good
friend from AZ decided to embark on the "last gasp" storm chase before
daylight savings time goes in effect. A glance at the RUC, NGM and AVN
all confirmed we should head just south of Goodland KS. In record time
we crossed Kansas (Kansas never seems to get any smaller even after 8
treks across it this season) and reached a position just south of
Grandview Kansas at 23Z. We turned off I-70 and decided to wait and
watch along Route 23, near Cove Kansas. Winds were howling out of the SE
at 40-50 MPH! Towers that were attempting to break the cap were being
sheared to bits by the mid level winds which I belive were approximately
70-80 knots at 700mb. As we waited and watched it soon became apparent
the year would end with a bust. The sky became overcast with a stratus
deck and only a light shower developed, (but wait, in "Twister" tornados
descended from Stratus decks...hmmm). Alas, a break in the clouds
yielded a "multiple vortex" rainbow...(heheheh) a rainbow with 4 arches,
made for a spectacular photo op. Besides the sandblast to our chase
vehicle from blowing dust and tumble weeds, not exactly the worst bust
of the season. The company was good and we all learned a few things.
Although we did see a wall cloud mirage....the low level clouds were
being caught in shear eddies and at times appeared to rotate...

Heck, even if we managed to reach Colorado there wasn't a whole lot
there until after dark. Well, now its time to review data and study for
next year...

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