3/27/98 Chase Summary by Mike Umscheid

From: Mike Umscheid (mscheid@SOUND.NET):
Chase Account:  Eastern KS "Quick-Chase" -- March 27

Friday ended up being a dissapointing turn of events for the central
plains as for having a severe outbreak.  MRF progs were getting
chasers all "giddy" again, and SDS was apparently all but a long
memory.. Ha!  As we were getting closer to friday, the short range
progs were pointing at more of a SVR squall event for much of the MS
valley, and chances at tornadic supercells were slim to none, and
slim just walked out the door.

Early morning friday, upper energy sparked a line of storms across
oklahoma and southern kansas, storm motion was, well let's say you
had to be a drag racer to chase what was out there.  DDC was
mentioning 80 mph storm motion thursday evening.. jeez.  Chasing
chances were obliterated for friday, or not?  The upper low was still
spinning about over southeast/southcental KS around midday, producing
some interesting cold-core storms around ICT area (interesting echoes
on the ICT-88D).  Chances of SVR were very low, b/c all the surface
heating was halted by extensive cloudiness from the squall
line/showers that moved through at the beginning of the day and
midday.  Dry slot storms were the only shot, however in only 65/53
surface air... producing very low cape values.. LI's were just under
0.  My chase partner and I planned on friday being a pretty big day
earlier in the week so I decided to get friday off just in case a SVR
event was to take place.

After we got home from school, we monitered convective trends from
88d images out of ICT in hopes that something might get organized
enough to chase.  Well, the convection was persistant, but not very
organized.  We decided what the hell, there was a decent cold-core
cell that had good dBZ returns south of EMP.  We decided, after a
long debate, to go after the cell.. it would be a short bust if the
cell died, so it was worth the risk.  We left Overland Park shortly
after 5pm amidst rush hour traffic (what are we doing?!).  We got out
of the city limits (thank god) about 20 mins later going southwest on
I-35.  As we approached Ottawa, we were admiring a beautiful
full-double rainbow to the south.

At that time we here there's a SVR for our tiny cell!  Wahoo!  We
arrived at Ottawa around 5:50 and went south towards the cell on
US-59.  1" hail reports were recieved about 20 miles SW of Garnett.
As we approached Garnett, our cold-core storm was just to our south
and we quickly entered rain.. we couldn't find any west roads so we
just continued south to get on the southern end of this thing.  At
Garnett the storm was finally north of us.. man that storm was small
and compact!  We had up to 1/2 inch for only a couple minutes and we
quickly exited it.  When we got to Garnett, we continued back north
to follow the back side of the storm.  It wasn't the prettiest storm
by far, but it was somewhat interesting for it's compact size.  We
followed the small cell north and east for about 45 min. until
darkness hampered our chase.

At the time, a nice north to south base was developing along the
south side of the main cell, which appeared interesting for a short
while, until we couldn't observe it anymore due to minimal lighting.
We followed our small cell all the way home, which was about 7:45pm,
and thus concluded our "quick-chase" of about two and a half hours!

"Meso300" Mike Umscheid

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