July 23 Chase by Todd Lindley

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to put my pictures of the Claude, TX storm on the Storm Chaser's Homepage. I hope that you and others enjoy seeing these photos, it was truly a spectacular storm. I have also sent them to Tim Marshall, hoping he will use them in ST. I do not believe that I have met you, but I'm acquainted with your work through the Storm Chaser's Conference that the Weather Channel held in Norman last March. You suggested that I send a chase summary of the attached pictures. The truth is there isn't much to tell. I had no intentions of chasing that day until storms went up just to my northwest that evening. To say the least it was a last second decision that worked out for the best. I did write a summary that I submitted with the pictures to ST, from now on I'll know to keep better notes. The photo taken at 2022 was shot from a location in the city of Claude. The view is west southwest and the tornado is approximately eight miles away. The next photo, taken at 2027 is the same tornado shot from the same location. The tornado is still between five and eight miles southwest of Claude.

The next picture is my favorite photo I have ever taken. It is labeled 2058 and is of the second Claude tornado. The structure of the storm at this point was to me a breath taking view. Though I could never verify dust on the ground, spotters closer to the tornado said that the circulation was in fact in contact with the ground. This became more evident when the picture was enlarged.

The photo was shot from Goodnight, TX and is looking west northwest at a distance of five miles. The actual location of the tornado is five miles southeast of Claude. The large amount of dust to the left of the tornado is from the RFD. A very large dust plume such as this was associated with both tornadoes. The first tornado occurred just after its dust plume exited the storm base to the south.