March 25th Chase By Greg Stumpf

March 25th Chase By Greg Stumpf And Friends

Caught a big fat hose on the ground for 8 minutes about 13 WSW of Lipscomb TX (NE Panhandle) moving NNE about 45! Got about 8 slides with my 300 mm lens, and hope to have them developed and scanned in by Thurs (when I get back from FTW). Paul Janish and I started by going to Hedley TX, but the dry line croaked there, and we raced north to Canadian TX, and got the storm in Lipscomb county. Tornado was on the ground from 2342-2350 UTC. Steve Weygandt got vid and it should be on TWC tomorrow.

AMA never had any warning on the storm (TOR *or* SVR) and the report has yet to appear in their LSRs. The report of the 45 second tornado near Darouzette may have been bogus...we saw a lot of scud around there and a smoke plume at that time. Anyway, we are going to call AMA with our report now (there *were* a lot of chasers on it).

Well, for the 6th year in a row, KS and TX have their first tubes before Oklahoma!!!