Chase Summary, 4/19/95

I thought that's what the message was about...just making sure.
Yes, I actually had one day off in that
two week period, and that was the day. We got to Seymour,TX as the
first storm was exploding, even
though it should have been the best storm (there were 2 to the
northwest), it puked. We drove north
and caught the storm to the northwest west of Electra, and it had
really taken off. The inflow was over
50mph! It looked like a tornado touched down briefly when we first
got to it, but it wasn't well
developed. The wall cloud was huge and there was a lot of
rotation. We followed it to Burkburnett, TX
and the wall cloud occluded and dissipated in the process. We also
nearly ran over Jeff Piotrowski
(Service-J) and his cameraman! They were in the MIDDLE of a
highway taking video at a dead

We converged with the VORTEX armada near Randlett, OK and listened
as a report of a tornado on the 
ground to our west, and we saw not even a wall cloud or a scud!
VORTEX saw nothing also. The storm was
wrapping precip. around us southwest of Corum but we saw no wall
cloud. A few VORTEX units were
moving into position and saw the tornado near Corum. Our driver
and navigator for some weird
reason decided to turn south instead of north at an intersection
when the tornado was developing to
our northeast. Needless to say we missed it, and then the storm
really died. We went to Chickasha to
eat at Jake's Ribs. Sometime there, another tornado was reported
by VORTEX just after dark near
Davis and Joy. That's it.


ps. I may put a picture of the wall cloud on my personal home
page, if anyone's curious.