April 19, 1996 Chase by Doug Sefried

Douglas Sefried 

                        LESSON OF THE DAY

We (my brother and I) were just north and London Mills, about 35-40
west of Peoria, IL.  We were watching a nice storm develop just to
our west and northwest.  T-strom warnings went up for Mcdonough and
Schuyer counties to our south.(were in in extreme northren Fulton)
We decided to head south to see if we could catch the storms to
our south before we ran out of daylight.(it was about 6pm or so)
we took county highway E900 south, planing to take route 9 east
and route 97 south.  I noticed a classic rain free base on the
southwest side of that storm we were watching which was now to
our north and nortwest.  A tornado warning was issued for southesat
fulton county for an unconfirmed report of a tornado near Lewistown.
(agian!! see earlier posting on the Illinois river valley and
the maxima just south of Peoria). This was about 20 miles south
of out present location.(parked at the intersection on route 9
and E900.  We decided to stay put and watch the rain free base
which was showing signs of weak rotation.

        I took out my video camrea and zoomed in on the rotation
which was about 3-4 miles to our west. A wall cloud lowered and
after about five minutes a small funnel formed and then lifted.
then a tornado warning was issued for Marietta, a small town
about 5-6 miles to our SW.  This was it! A funnel formed again
and came about 2/3rds down to the ground.  We headed east along
route 9 Towards Canton.  The wall cloud lifted and the rotation
weakened(about 6:40 or so) the storms to our south seemed to rob
the energy as our storm weakened.  To make a long story short,
I got some Video of a funnel cloud.

        We decided to take the video to a local TV station
and they said they would show it on the air.  When we
got there they put the VCR play and I said I forgot to rewind
it so they did.  When they we rewinding it the VCR ate the tape
and now it's lost forever.

Lesson of the day:  always make copies!!!!