June 20, 1996 Nebraska Chase By Matt Powers

As Gilbert mentioned we did get a pretty nice cell there near OMA..on
thursday not friday.  I'll have more on it a little later once I get some
work done first.  Basically, we sat near the GRI/HSI/EAR area of Nebraska
trying to figure out just where to play.  Plenty of grunge in northwest
as upslope/warm advection was the story out there.  Central Nebraska
had some of the best heating and so one of our areas to consider was
along a warmfront that basically ran from northeast CO thru northwest
Nebraska.  However...some warm advection in the mid levels was a concern
as the cap was already pretty strong.  Our other area to consider was
eastern/northeastern Nebraska where the cap was weaker, and some outflow
boundaries were around...left over from convection that rolled through
then night before.  At 4 or 5pm things were a bit bleak as nothing was
really firing.  However, Gilbert gave us the info that some TCU's were
firing in NE nebraska and we should head there.  WE weren't very far at
all and by the time we got there a CB's had taken shape.   It wasn't
that impressive at first and the winds weren't that strong at the surface.
We were able find our storm that had a well defined RFB and some scud
moving up into the base...some pretty decent vertical motion...and
occasionally form into somewhat of a wall cloud.   At this point it
was probably 7 pm or so...maybe a bit later.  After chasing it for about
a half and hour it began to take on this rather well defined bell shaped
tower...very impressive.  Had some tornado warnings with it, but it just
wasn't a storm that you could be very aggressive with.  It wouldn't suprise
me if it had a tornado, but I can't imagine being able to see it.  But
who cares, I say, because it was a fantastic storm to watch.
  Again, I'll have to look at the video and reiew my notes to get a better
grasp on times, roads, etc.
  All in all, it was a great storm.

 I'd also like to mention how great the Oak Tree hotel in OMA is.  They
had security guards all night brining people downstairs to shelter and
constantly asking Paul or myself to go outside and check the weather.
They were very on top of things and I just thought that was great.  Not
to mention, it was a fantastic hotel.  Has a golf course inside, so, how
can you beat that?

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