August 11, 1996 TX Panhandle Chase By Steven Wolff

-- [ From: Steven Olsen Wolff * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Steven Wolff
San Antonio Texas
August 11, 1996  

( First off, I'm not as good as story teller as Gilbert and the others so 
please forgive. ) We had our choice of two potiental storm systems , and had
to go with with the closest one. 

Around 2pm, My friend Donny & I spotted a potiential Super cell one hundred
miles due north/northwest of Bexar County using various Internet &
Accuweather images & information downloaded. A nice   S Cell was forming in
the Northern part of the Texas Panhandle, and another real nice one was
approx. 150 miles N/NE of Bexar county, heading East 10-15mph. Around 2pm,
This thunderstorm was quickly developing into a meso/super cell. It was
local, and this was our break. 

We shot off in hot pursuit of this quickly forming  HP supercell. Since I-10
is running parallel with our storm, and It's also 4 blocks away from where I
live, We were on the road by 2:45pm. Austin weather reports were providing
information on our cell ( 94.7 fm as well as good music for most of the trip
. ) 

We soon were catching up with some rain bands, and the temperature had
dropped a few degree's cooler, allowing a break in the routine Texas hot
summer temperatures. ( and on our AC ! ). With minor traffic along the way,
and DPS pointing their lasers, we were delayed 10 to 15 minutes from our
original ETA. By this time, it passed overhead and tornado watches &
warnings were going up in effect for Harris and a couple near by counties. 

We just entered Fort Bend County and our big one, which reports of a F-1?
may have touched down 20 miles ahead of us.  It's a quarter til seven and
now we're on the northwest part of the storm, and riding behind it, parallel
. We were caught up and rode it SE ward. A good Inflow was noticed as it
passed ahead of us, and some hail was observed. Several trees were toppled
and power was out in some area's from tree's downed. We were able to see the
wall cloud and the counter clockwise rotation, but no funnel clouds.

 We stopped by a convenience store and called SA, to check what the
situation was with this storm. One report of a Tornado touched down, but we
didn't see anything. Nothing with our Internet Data.  A lot of debris from a
possible microburst was noticeable, but still no signs yet. Just a bunch of
leaves, twigs, and trash in big piles here and there. Some small stream
flooding.  If there was anything, we either weren't in the right place, or
this tornadic thunderstorm was all bark and no bite. It's form and wall
clouds were promising, but again, maybe we were in the wrong part. After 7:
30pm, we gave up the chase, and dropped by my cousins house in Houston, to
watch the weather channel. Impressive storm, but the one in Ok, Moving into
Tx looked more promising. Maybe tomorrow there'll be another shot. 

I'm still waiting for that Tornado that ripped my neighbors house to shreds.
... I have a bone to pick with that one....

Steven Wolff
San Antonio, Texas

" Texas is my Play Ground...... Wanna Play ?!? "

Standard Disclaimer: No relations to Pecos Bill Confusious say: " May who
dreams of catching Tornado, 
   often wakes up with solution in hand ! "