August 1-2, 1996 Colorado/Kansas Chases By Mark Herndon

From: Mark Herndon :

I was able to get away for a couple of days....8-1 and 8-2 in eastern CO
and NW Kansas. The preceding ten days of tornadoes made me a little
anxious, so I went by myself.  I saw some nice storms in Kit Carson and
Cheyenne counties in Colorado on 8-1, and a couple more the following
afternoon in Kansas.  There were at least four warnings on storms for
those two days...but I didn't see anything other than some brief needle
funnels..nor did I see anything on the SPC log for those days.  It was
still a great trip, with the usual storm evolution from LP/Classic to HP
storms.  The northwest flow made it tough to stay on dry roads in the
inflow, but it was still exciting, until I had a flat SE of Oakley, and
had to retire :-). All I had was a dinky space saver spare, so I had to
get a room in Oakley until the next morning. At least I was able to
return to my chase diet of Coke, Flaming Hot Cheetos and Moon Pies. I
only eat the pickled quail eggs and raw garlic when I am with Matt or
Charles Edwards.

By the way, the folks at the Goodland WSFO were very nice...I hope to
make it back up there again soon.  The terrain is certainly good for
chasing, and the leisurely pace of the storms this time of year make for
a less hectic experience than Oklahoma in April.

Mark Herndon