September 18 OK Panhandle Chase By Jon Davies

I was able to get out on an excursion with Jim Reed yesterday in the OK
panhandle.  We saw 2 supercells S of LBL near Turpin between 7 pm and 9 pm
CDT.  The first produced wall cloud and funnel features SW of and over
Turpin between 7 pm and 7:45 pm.  The second "tail end" cell  coming up from
near Guymon produced two brief tornadoes over open country between Adams and
Baker at 8 and 8:10 pm.  The first tornado lasted about 30 secounds, while
the second "trunk" tornado lasted 1-1/2 to 2 minutes.  It was nearly dark,
so lightning illumination behind the second tornado is what made it visible
from our position east of Adams around 8:10pm.  I shot video while Jim shot
stills on this supercell that turned out to be very pretty in the moonlight
as it crossed into Kansas, where tornado warnings were issued for Seward
county and LBL, but thankfully no more tornadoes.  SPC's watch and
discussions were right on target.  The storm was only "medium" in size with
a top between 35,000 and 40,000 ft.

I was curious if any one else saw these or other tornadoes in that area or
further south?

It was an interesting September svr wx day...

Jon Davies
8506 Peppertree
Wichita, Kansas  67226