November 16, 1996 Oklahoma Chase By Greg Stumpf

From Greg Stumpf (

Rich Thompson and I decided to head to SW OK, even though there was already
a squall line out in the Eastern Panhandle.  We were hoping for storms to 
develop ahead of the line.

We got to Cache, OK and noticed a shower developing to our SW.  We figured,
"hey it's ahead of the line, let's see what happens if we stick with it".
Well, within about 20 minutes, we see the first CG, then a base to the SW
and let it come toward us.  By the time it was just north of U.S. 62, it
evolved into a small supercell with a nice wall cloud over the Wichita 
Mountains, and OKC issued the first warning on the storm...a TOR!  The 
storm looked good on radar too when we checked after returning to NSSL.

Well, the low-level rotation lasted about 15 minutes before the storm sheared
out.  Another storm came up from the SW, but really didn't do much.  It
was over pretty country tho (those granite mountains with the fall colors).

Well, even though it did not tornado, we hit the fcst on the nose!  And
we found the only needle in the haystack!

greg stumpf, NSSL

p.s.  Earliest return from a full-fledged chase ever...5:45pm!  I felt like
I should be going home to get ready for bed...but it was dinner time!